ORAD Officials Welcome FIFA Announcement

Officials at Orad Hi-Tec Systems (Neur Market: OHT) welcomed the announcement by FIFA which introduced new guidelines controlling the application of virtual advertising during FIFA football matches. According to the announcement by FIFA, the association will allow for insertion of virtual advertising on the center circle and penalty-areas when the players are not on the field, on areas of the stadium already used for real advertising and on flat areas in the stadium which could normally be used for advertising. Orad, developer of the IMadGINE(TM) virtual advertising system, is a global leader in the development and marketing of virtual studios, virtual advertising, and graphic sports commentary tools for television and the Internet. Orad's IMadGINE(TM) allows advertisers to target geographically and culturally diverse markets simultaneously, broadcasting different advertisements to various audiences from the same physical location or venue. The IMadGINE(TM) which inserts virtual billboards, animation and video where no physical billboards exist, permits fast camera movement, along with several other unique features necessary for the coverage of football matches. The system has already been used at numerous live events in the United States, Britain, China, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Mexico and many others. "We believe that FIFA's announcement marks an important milestone in the deployment and utilization of virtual advertising in sports sponsorships," said Orad's Chief Financial Officer, Zack Keinan. "For football's largest governing body to pass these rules, is a vote of confidence in virtual advertising and a boost to football sponsorship," added Keinan. One of the most attractive aspects of virtual advertising for broadcasters, rights holders and sports teams is the ability to increase total available revenues from a given event. Sponsors, who are always looking for new and innovating ways to market themselves to new audiences, will benefit from this unique advertising concept. More About Orad Orad is a publicly-traded company, whose principal investors are ISL, the world's largest sports sponsorship organization and rights holder to the Euro 2000 and the FIFA 2002 - 2006 World Cup Games among other FIFA events, the ORMAT Group, a publicly traded conglomerate of companies engaged in high- tech investments, optical inspection, alternative energy and sophisticated medical diagnostics and Intel Atlantic Inc., a subsidiary of Intel Corporation. Founded in 1993, Orad is a world leader in virtual studios, virtual advertising and sports production tools, specializing in the development and manufacture of video and real-time image processing technologies. Orad has received extensive worldwide recognition for its systems at a wide range of events. ots Original Text Service: Orad Hi-Tec Systems Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Eitan Kushner of Orad Hi-Tec Systems +972-9-767-6862, ext. 503, or fax, +972-9-767-6861, or eitan@orad.co.il Web site: http://www.orad.co.il

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