Continuum Resources Opens CoRe (VISCenters) in Houston

and London Houston (ots-PRNewswire) - Continuum Resources Corporation (CoRe(TM)) announced today the opening of its VISUALIZATION IMMERSIVE and MULTI-SENSORY CoRe VISCenters(TM) in Houston and London. Additional VISCenters(TM) are due to open in Australia and Norway later this year. The Houston CoRe VISCenter(TM) will open in time to host the attendees of the forthcoming (April 15-16, 1999) Gulf Coast SEG's tour of virtual reality facilities in the Houston area. Continuum's VISCenters(TM), initially targeted for the oil and gas industry, will provide a unique scalable, multi-sensory environment in which to integrate, collaborate, explore, and interact with data. The main "theatre" style, three-screen CorePlex(TM) environment is large, which will allow users to see, hear and manipulate data on a human scale. "We are very excited about the centers being opened, it is a milestone event for us and for the industry in general. We firmly believe that visualization and immersive technologies will provide the basis of next generation tools and methodologies which will provide significant benefits to our customers," said Steve Hunt, VP of Marketing and Sales at CoRe. "CoRe is the first to offer a truly independent commercial Service Center facility. We will not only provide our own applications developed specifically for the virtual reality environment, but in addition we will offer industry the "best of breed" in third party applications, integrated within the environment, that customers have already learned to use efficiently," said Cindy Berlier, Director of Corporate Development for CoRe. Jeff Hume, CEO of CoRe said, "Companies have invested millions of dollars in data and applications software, and the CoRe centers can help yield a quicker and better return on those investments. Human scale display and total immersion make context sensitive databasing an intuitive part of perceptual computing. By that I mean that if you feel that you are actually inside your data and can tailor the query of the database to specific needs, the process becomes an extension of your thinking. The knowledge gained then becomes knowledge experienced, which is far better learned and retained than pouring over reams of spreadsheets and paper sections." The Houston Center is located at the new Energy Tower at 11700 Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas, and the London Center is located in the Thomas H. Huxley School of Environment, Earth Science and Engineering, at The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine is an independent constituent part of the University of London, founded in 1907. The college teaches and performs research in a full range of science, engineering, medical and management disciplines. The Continuum CoRe VISCenters(TM) utilize the MuSE (Multi- dimensional User-oriented Synthetic Environment) developed by MuSE Technology, Inc. MuSE's collaborative software allows real time data interaction in different geographic locations simultaneously. Continuum Resources explores corporate data through unique collaborative visualization and immersive environments designed to share workspace and experience. CoRe provides scalable integrated visualization and technical solutions and services to the oil and gas industry focusing on decreasing project cycle time, adding reserves and increasing the cost effectiveness of production. For more information, visit For further information please contact Steve Hunt @ Tel: 713- 974-6907, or 713-860-5000. Email: ots Original Text Service: Continuum Resources Corporation Internet: Contact: Steve Hunt of Continuum Resources Corporation (USA) 713-974-6907 or 713-860-5000, or email, Web site: http://www.continuum-

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