Ztango.com Positioned for Aggressive Growth in Wireless Internet Market With Proven, Dual-Mode Software Products and Services

Ztango.com Enables Operators, Content Providers and Corporations to Deliver Internet-Based Services to Today's Mobile Devices And New WAP-Enabled Smart Phones Ztango.com, Inc, a new U.S.-based wireless Internet solutions corporation that has integrated the operations and technologies of several Finnish wireless telecommunications software firms acquired earlier this year, today introduces its proven software solutions to the North American market. Ztango.com solutions enable the delivery of Internet-based services to today's installed base of digital wireless phones and tomorrow's WAP- enabled smart phones. The Ztango.com platform can be rapidly deployed, giving operators, content providers and enterprises the power to quickly convert virtually any brand of wireless phone or other intelligent wireless device into an Internet-ready, two-way terminal. The platform is used by over 30 international clients in Europe and Asia. Together with the Ztango.com value-added applications suite, the scalable and easy-to-use platform allows providers and enterprises to deliver the industry's most in-demand services -- such as personalized information and news; email, fax and other mobile office services; m-commerce; and instant messaging for the growing global market of ubiquitously connected mobile users. Rather than waiting for WAP-functional telephones and networks to come online, Ztango.com enables organizations to extend a sophisticated wireless link to the existing installed base of more than 200 million digital wireless phones and devices -- independent of which browser or operating system they use. Additionally, the Ztango.com platform's enhanced security features deliver cost-effective Internet VPN capabilities, providing encrypted tunneling for multi-site applications. The platform's server-based, open architecture provides scalability and easy integration of customer-developed applications. The Ztango.com platform provides for a seamless transition to WAP-enabled smart phones, and has been designed for compatibility with future wireless networks and smart devices. The Ztango.com platform supports Global Standard for Mobile (GSM), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks. The platform works with current- generation digital handsets including those manufactured by Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, and Siemens, and works with newer phones equipped with browsers and operating systems including Phone.com's UP.Browser, MS Windows, Symbian and EPOC, among others. Ztango.com is a pioneer in the development and implementation of software technology that is enabling the convergence of the wireless and Internet worlds. The company was the 8th member to join the WAP Forum, and its technology supports the WAP standard that is expected to be the basis for the next generation of wireless Internet-enabled phones. Ztango.com is based in Reston, Va., with a 70-employee European technology center located in Helsinki, Finland. ots Original Text Service: Ztango.com Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de CONTACT: Darian Germain, of Ztango.com, 703-437-4422 ext. 107, or mobile phone: 703-371-3381, or email: darian.germain@ztango.com. Web site: http://www.ztango.com

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