Infusion of USD 36 Million to Speed up Belle Systems Global Expansion

With the addition of General Atlantic Partners to its group of backers, Belle Systems A/S has received an infusion of USD 36 million. The new capital will be used to speed up the company's global expansion. Belle Systems, a leading software producer in advanced IP service provisioning, management and billing systems, announced today that General Atlantic Partners, LLC, together with the company's present group of backers -- Cisco Systems, Index Ventures and Vertex Management -- will invest more than USD 36 million in Belle Systems. Belle Systems' core product, Internet Management System (IMS), is the reason behind this increased interest in the company. With IMS, a telco or Internet service provider can manage payment for all types of IP network-based communications including voice, video, fax, data and integrated traffic -- as well as the completely the new types of IP services which will be appearing on the horizon in the near future. "Belle is extremely well positioned to become the leading provider of customer care and billing solutions for the next generation of integrated telecommunications providers," said Rene M. Kern, the London-based partner who heads GA Partner's European operations. "We are committed to working with Belle management to rapidly expand the company's capabilities on a global basis. This investment further underscores GA Partners' enhanced focus on the development of new investment opportunities in information- technology and Internet-enabled businesses throughout Europe." The IT industry is the global focus of General Atlantic Partners, the world's largest private venture capital company in this sector. General Atlantic manages a total capital of more than USD 5 billion and annually invests some USD 4-500 million in IT companies. ots Original Text Service: Belle Systems A/S Internet: Contact: Jes Bo Hansen of Belle Systems Tel.: +45-5944-2500 or

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