Viatel, Inc. CEO and Citicorp Venture Capital Advisory Board Member Join Sonic Telecom, Ltd. Board of Directors

Sonic Telecom, Ltd., announced today the election of two new Board members. In a meeting held on December 2, 1999, shareholders elected Mr. Michael J. Mahoney and Dr. Aldo Fozzati. Mr. Mahoney was elected by the holders of the Company's Class B Preferred stock and Dr. Fozzati represents all classes of shareholders. The election of these directors marks another instance in which the Company has attracted the involvement of key individuals from the telecommunications sector and industries that rely heavily on international bandwidth. Mr. Michael J. Mahoney is the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viatel, Inc. (Nasdaq: VYTL). Mr. Mahoney has served as a director of Viatel since 1995, as Chairman since September 1998, as Chief Executive Officer since September 1997 and as President since September 1996. Mr. Mahoney joined Viatel in July 1994. Before joining Viatel, Mr. Mahoney held senior management positions with SITEL Corporation, a teleservices company and URIX Corporation, a manufacturer of telecommunications hardware and software. "Sonic Telecom's end-to-end solutions nicely complement a network owner/operator's offerings. They eliminate for broadband users the financial burden of maintaining multiple networks, making more resources available for companies' core businesses." stated Mr. Mahoney. Dr. Fozzati is currently a member of the advisory board for Citicorp Venture Capital, Citibank, N.A. (NYSE: C). He also sits on the boards of several companies in Europe: Balke Durr in Germany, BDT in England and MSX in Italy. "Sonic Telecom is unique in providing bandwidth-on-demand and billing by- the-byte -- this is what global companies want because it enables effective management of the fastest growing component of their international telecommunications budgets. I am thrilled to be involved with the company that is reshaping the telecommunications industry, Sonic Telecom is going to be big!" stated Dr. Fozzati. During his career, Dr. Fozzati has held various positions in the automotive industry including Managing Director Europe for JAC Holding, Vice President European Operations and General Manager, Kelsey-Hayes, Europe. He has also held senior management positions with General Motors and Fiat in Europe. In welcoming them, former Congressman and recently elected Chairman of the Sonic Telecom Board of Directors, Joseph P. Kennedy II, noted: "Mike and Aldo's involvement in Sonic Telecom sends a clear message to the financial, manufacturing and telecommunications industries that there is a better approach to procuring bandwidth that should be considered." Todd Ruelle, President and CEO of Sonic Telecom, Ltd. added that "Sonic Telecom's network was created for business on a global scale, naturally, people in the telecom industry recognized that first. Now, the manufacturing and banking sectors realize the value of our service offering and our Board reflects that." Mr. Mahoney and Dr. Fozzati join Mr. Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Citizen's Energy, Herb Hribar, Chief Operating Officer of Verio, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRIO), John G. Englesson, Vice President of Conversion for Nextlink Pennsylvania (NASDAQ: NXLK) on Sonic Telecom's Board of Directors. About Viatel, Inc. Viatel, Inc. is an integrated provider of communications services -- including voice, data, Web access and bandwidth -- in over 230 countries and territories worldwide. Its customers include individual consumers, businesses, Internet service providers, other carriers and resellers. Viatel currently operates a global network which includes one of the largest pan- European networks, international gateways in London and New York, state-of- the-art international network operations centers, network points of interconnection in over 200 cities, and a direct sales force throughout Western Europe. About Sonic Telecom, Ltd. Privately-held Sonic Telecom is an international digital communications solutions provider of access, transport and termination for transmission of video, data and voice on a single asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network at a fraction of the cost -- and with greater flexibility -- than private lines and frame relay services. The Company's senior management has extensive experience in telecommunications having held senior positions in engineering and marketing with MCI, WorldCom, Sprint, Perot Systems and EDS. General DataComm (NYSE: GDC) and Viatel International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VYTL) are equity holders and strategic partners of the company. For additional information, visit the company web site at ots Original Text Service: Sonic Telecom, Ltd. Internet: Contact: Santiago Testa of Sonic Telecom, Ltd., 703-227-5238, Fax: 703-818-8683, or Web site:

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