Unisource Sells SIRIS to Deutsche Telekom

Unisource NV and Deutsche Telekom today announced the signing of an agreement concerning the sale of Unisource's French telecommunications subsidiary SIRIS S.A.S. With the transaction, valued at 1.542 billion Dutch guilders (700 million Euro), Deutsche Telekom acquires 100% stake in SIRIS. "I am very pleased with this transaction which enables SIRIS and its customers to take full advantage of the developments of the French telecommunications market. It underlines the shareholder value that has been created over the past few years by the Unisource group of companies to its shareholders KPN, Swisscom and Telia," said Jules Delahaije, President and CEO of Unisource. "I am confident of the enormous potential this acquisition brings to Deutsche Telekom in France, one of the primary markets of Europe," he added. "We are very pleased with this agreement which will allow SIRIS to build upon the largest European telecommunications company," said Francois Maire, Chairman of SIRIS. "Deutsche Telekom is a powerful shareholder to strengthen our leading position in France. It will allow us to develop an innovative strategy, new competitive services and a long term basis for continued growth," Maire continued. SIRIS was one of the first operators to enter the French telecommunication market in 1995 and has since grown to become the second largest alternative telecommunication operator in France in terms of revenues in corporate fixed line telephony. SIRIS offers a sophisticated and extensive range of voice, data and IP services to multinational companies, small- and medium- sized enterprises as well as to other operators, carriers and Internet service providers. SIRIS operates a nation-wide, state- of-the-art voice and data network. In 1998, the French government awarded SIRIS two licences and a one-digit prefix -- the number 2 -- enabling SIRIS to establish and operate a nation-wide telecommunications network and offer public telephony services in France. Unisource has been advised by Lehman Brothers in this transaction. Note: About SIRIS S.A.S. Offering a complete range of products and services, SIRIS has more than 500 multinational customers/large accounts such as AXA, Air France, Societe Generale, Pepsico, Renault, Peugeot-PSA and Gedas Volkswagen. Every third company listed in the CAC-40-index is a SIRIS customer. SIRIS was founded in 1993 by Unisource NV under the name "Unisource Business Networks France" and has since become the third fixed telecommunications operator in France. SIRIS also offers international voice, data and Internet services to multinational customers and acts as a distributor of services from AUCS Communications Services and Infonet Corporation. SIRIS has invested over 1 billion FF in its own nation-wide network infrastructure. The largest economic centres, Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes, Bordeaux and Lille, are connected with each other via a fibre optic network over 2,000 km long and with more than 80 Points of Presence (PoPs). It is the company's plan to expand the network to 5,000 km. The revenue for 2000 is estimated to be more than 1 billion FF (175 million Euro). The company is headquartered in Paris, France, and has a staff of over 400 people (which is expected to grow to 500 during the year 2000). News and information are available at www.siris.fr . About Unisource NV Unisource is a pan-European telecommunications group offering a broad range of services to providers and business customers in Europe. Unisource is owned equally by KPN Telecom of The Netherlands, Telia of Sweden and Swisscom of Switzerland. Today the Unisource group comprises D-Plus, one of Germany's leading mobile services providers; SIRIS, one of France's national operators, based in Paris; and Unisource Italia, in Milan. In July 1999, following AT&T's exit as a shareholder, Unisource also became the 100% owner of AUCS Communications Services, which is managed under an agreement by Infonet Corp. Unisource NV is based in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. News and information are available at www.unisource.com . ots Original Text Service: Unisource NV Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Lotta Rohman of Unisource NV, +31-23-568-6294, or lotta.rohman@unisource.com Web site: http://www.unisource.com


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