Sonic Telecom, Ltd. Expands its Digital Communications Network in the USA and Mexico

Sonic Telecom, Ltd., the originator of telecommunications bandwidth-on-demand and billing by-the- byte, announced today the expansion of its digital Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network in North America. Through an interconnection agreement with BroadWing, Inc. (NYSE: BRW), (formerly Cincinnati Bell and IXC Communications, Inc.) Sonic Telecom has added eighty-one cities in the USA and Mexico to its European network. The agreement allows Sonic Telecom to terminate traffic originating in Europe in any of the cities throughout the US and Mexico served by BroadWing, and terminate traffic in Europe, that originates anywhere in the USA. BroadWing can now offer its customers bandwidth on demand and billing by the byte on one digital network that is managed end-to-end. "This is a great day for broadband customers. Finally, they can rely on one network that adapts to their applications and pay only for the transmission resources actually used -- without having to purchase equipment or sign restrictive contracts. The disruption in the market that innovations like these produce benefits all broadband customers -- but they benefit our customers first," said Mike Vent, Chief Network Officer for BroadWing, Inc. "Our agreement creates a major competitor in the market for data with a combination of services that eclipses the offerings of AT&T and MCI Worldcom," added Todd Ruelle, President and CEO of Sonic Telecom, Ltd. About BroadWing, Inc. BroadWing, Inc. (NYSE: BRW) is an integrated communications powerhouse delivering voice, data, wireless, and Internet solutions to a variety of customers nationwide. Focused on customer service combined with a premier next-generation fiber network and award winning IP backbone, BroadWing's reliable high- bandwidth data and Internet capabilities give businesses a competitive advantage. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with 5,500 employees in 37 cities, BroadWing can be found on the World Wide Web at About Sonic Telecom Privately-held Sonic Telecom is an international digital communications solutions provider of access, transport and termination for transmission of video, data and voice on a single ATM network at a fraction of the cost -- and with greater flexibility -- than private lines and frame relay services. General DataComm (NYSE: GDC) and Viatel International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VYTL) are equity holders and strategic partners in the company. For additional information, visit the company web site at ots Original Text Service: Sonic Telecom, Ltd. Internet: Contact: Santiago Testa of Sonic Telecom, Ltd., 703-227-5238 or fax: 703-818-8683, or email: Web site:

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