The Fi SYSTEM Group Carries Out an External Growth Operation in Spain

Fi SYSTEM's external growth strategy has led to the group carrying out an operation in Spain, with the aim of strengthening its position on the European market. The final agreement relative to the transfer of Barcelona-based company Intouch New Media's assets to Fi SYSTEM's Spanish subsidiary Fi Iberica was signed on the 5th November 1999 and backdated to the 1st November. The Barcelona agency, employing nine people, will report to Fi SYSTEM's European Department, headed by Albert Majerczyk. In the words of Intouch New Media founder Marc Oliver Gomperts, now at the head of Fi SYSTEM's Barcelona agency, "Fi SYSTEM's services and expertise will enable us to further widen our market by reaching out to increasingly substantial clients." Fi SYSTEM Managing Director Thierry Thevenet explains that "Intouch New Media will provide Fi SYSTEM with its solid experience of the Spanish market and knowledge of current Internet issues affecting the country. The operation is a means of launching Fi SYSTEM's international development, enabling us to become increasingly established on the European market, the group thus gaining recognition from the major European accounts." Fi SYSTEM's strategy targets a rapid increase in market share, and is the natural response to the fact that, over recent months, e-commerce has been constantly gaining in momentum throughout Europe and that multi-national competitors have emerged. Alongside this, Fi SYSTEM aims to be regarded as one of the five leading Internet service companies on the European market. In the near future, Fi SYSTEM's pan-European development will bring about further external growth operations in Spain. The group also plans to become established in the UK, Belgium and other northern European countries. Further information about Intouch New Media ( Intouch New Media was founded in 1994, and has become specialised in web site development for major European accounts, responding to ever-evolving Internet issues. Main clients include DSM, AKZO NOBEL, Commerzbank, Generalitat de Catalunya, HOMAG, GYD... Intouch New Media's turnover for 1998 and 1999 was in the region of FF2m. Further information about Fi SYSTEM ( The Fi SYSTEM Group -- made up of Fi SYSTEM, COPLANET, PROBASE, IN FINE Conseil and UBICCO -- is a Web Agency. Founded in 1992, the company is now firmly established as the favoured partner for the biggest and most important accounts. Fi SYSTEM is involved in Internet and intranet site Consultancy, Creative Design, and Technical Implementation for major European clients. The Fi SYSTEM group has teams in France (Ile-de-France, Rhone- Alpes, Mediterranee) and in Spain (Barcelona), and has a portfolio with more than 300 Internet-related references. The group can provide Internet Marketing and Strategy, System Transfer Organisation and Monitoring, Interactive Design and Communication, New Technology Engineering, Back-Office Management, as a global service with guaranteed results, in order to respond efficiently to Internet issues. The Fi SYSTEM work- force is currently 350 strong -- 400 forecast across Europe between now and the end of 1999. Since the 7th October 1998, Fi SYSTEM has been listed on the Nouveau Marche of the Paris Stock Exchange (sicovam code 6588). For further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with: Jerome Leroy, Head of Press Relations Email : Jerome Ladousse, Financial Director Email : Tel: +33 (0) Fi SYSTEM - 19, rue du Quatre septembre, 75002 Paris, France. ots Original Text Service: Fi SYSTEM Group Internet: Contact: Jerome Leroy, Head of Press Relations,, or Jerome Ladousse, Financial Director,, both of The Fi SYSTEM Group, +33-1-55-04-03-03 Web site:

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