Ted Turner, United Nations Foundation Announce

R.E. "Ted" Turner, Chair of the United Nations Foundation (UNF), announced today the Foundation's award of an emergency $1 million grant to support relief efforts in Kosovo region. "United Nations relief workers are playing a leading role in addressing the massive humanitarian tragedy that is unfolding in the Kosovo region. The United Nations Foundation is providing $1 million to support UN relief efforts and applauds the tremendous sacrifices and efforts that are being made by UN staff," Turner said. UNF's grant will support the efforts of the UN High Commission for Refugees, which acts as the lead agency for UN humanitarian activities in the region. Specifically, UNF funding will assist in the provision of basic human needs for refugees, including shelter, blankets, and other necessities. More than 400,000 refugees have fled Kosovo in the past two weeks. UN experts estimate that more than $70 million is urgently needed by the UN to meet initial humanitarian needs in the Kosovo crisis. The UN is appealing to government and private sector donors, as well as the general public for additional assistance. For information about how to help, the public may contact UNCHR's helpful Web site at: www.unhcr.ch/youhelp/kosovo.htm. For the latest news and information about relief efforts, visit the UN's comprehensive "Relief Web" at www.reliefweb.int. ots Original Text Service: United Nations Foundation Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: David Harwood of the United Nations Foundation (USA) 202-887-9040 Web site: http://www.unhcr.ch/youhelp/kosovo.htm Web site: http://www.reliefweb.int Web site: http://www.unfoundation.org

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