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From London to Paris, Berlin and Milan, everyone is in search of the ultimate diet and exercise plan to help them lose weight and look fabulous. A great body and looking great has always been a European obsession, but the number of obese people in Europe has almost doubled in the past 10 years. More than 40 percent of Europeans are defined as overweight. Now for the first time ever, all Europeans will be able to get the most sophisticated and customized diet and exercise programs from the world's top experts, helping them look great without spending any money at all. Launching in November, eFit (http://www.efit.com) will be the first Web site to make diet and weight loss easy and accessible to all. eFit will offer visitors an online experience expressly tailored to their individual diet and weight loss goals, and it's all free. eFit's online Diet & Nutrition and Exercise & Fitness programs examine a member's personal interests and aspirations, tailors personal nutritional goals and customizes individual diet and exercise regimens. The application charts the individual's progress, prepares nutritional plans and shopping lists, calculates caloric intake, provides regular recommendations and updates to keep pace with the member's specific goals. Whatever the personalized program might be, eFit supports its members, offering constant encouragement and other guidance to help them stay on track, virtually guaranteeing the success of the program. To ensure safe and accurate recommendations, leading diet and fitness experts and doctors have developed eFit's programs. Whether the visitor is a 17-year-old woman or 55-year-old-man, each individual is welcomed with a wealth of original editorial content. The site will provide the most comprehensive original programming through Fitness Tracks ("FitTracks") that include Diet & Weight Loss, Running, Walking, Cardio Fitness, Yoga & Mind-Body, Cooking & Nutrition, Cycling, Weight Lifting & Strength Training, Healthy Living and Fit Style. Produced by experts from top publishing companies including Conde Nast, Hearst Publications, Hachette Filipacchi and G+J USA, eFit will include dozens of new articles each day, as well a variety of multimedia (broadband) features such as clinics and seminars, along with cooking demonstrations broadcast from the in-house eFit studio. eFit will also offer lifestyle-related products and equipment relevant to the specific needs of its audience. eFit's CEO and President Charles Platkin is available for interviews to discuss this innovative Internet site. Contact: Melissa Katz, Director of Public Relations, eFit, 212-367-8534, melissa@efit.com . A sample of eFit's homepage can be viewed at http://www.efit.com/page.html . This artwork can be used for any related story. ots Original Text Service: eFit Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Melissa Katz, Director of Public Relations, of eFit, 212-367-8534, or melissa@efit.com

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