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PentaSafe, Inc. a leading supplier of auditing and security software for AS/400, UNIX and DEC/VMS systems today announced the appointment of Nils Petersen as Vice President of European Sales. The appointment marks an aggressive push by PentaSafe to strengthen the Company's presence in Europe and compliments the Company's recent acquisition of PentaSafe UK Ltd., the Company's UK distributor. Mr. Petersen has fifteen years of experience in the software and sales industry in Europe and the United States. Prior to joining PentaSafe, Mr. Petersen was the County Manager of Peregrine Systems A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark where he developed and managed Peregrine's sales strategy in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Previously, Mr. Petersen also built successful sales divisions in Europe and the Unites States for BMC Nordic, a subsidiary of BMC Software, Inc. and Maersk Data, Inc. "Mr. Petersen has an impressive track record of building successful sales channels, particularly in Europe," said Douglas J. Erwin, President and CEO of PentaSafe, Inc. "He has demonstrated his ability to successfully design and implement a sales plan in a European market that is rapidly expanding and that is again his focus at PentaSafe. Mr. Petersen's skills will help PentaSafe expand our presence in the fast growing IBM AS/400 install base in Europe and meet the increasing demand for PentaSafe's security solutions in that market." "I am very impressed with PentaSafe's strong commitment to the European market," said Nils Petersen. "The market for PentaSafe's auditing and security solutions is growing incredibly fast worldwide and especially in Europe. More and more medium to large size organizations in Europe are relying on the AS/400 and UNIX platforms to run various mission critical applications -- for which security is of ultimate importance. With this in mind, I'm looking forward to building a prosperous sales division for PentaSafe." Initially, Mr. Petersen will aggressively pursue indirect sales channels, such as distributorships and partnerships, and will expand marketing activity to penetrate the AS/400 and UNIX auditing and security markets in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Mr. Petersen will be located in Copenhagen, Denmark. About PentaSafe, Inc. PentaSafe, Inc. specializes in the development of auditing and security solutions for AS/400, UNIX and DEC/VMS systems. PentaSafe's software is used by auditing and security professionals worldwide, including 4 of the "Big 5" auditing firms and many of the Fortune 1000, as a defacto standard in security auditing. PentaSafe will automate security reviews, control system access, streamline systems management and send an alert if a potential threat is detected -- helping to secure mission critical systems and corporate data from unauthorized access, corruption or deletion. PentaSafe was recently chosen as the "Pick of 1998" by Secure Computing Magazine and won the "Best AS/400 Auditing Product" in the AS/400 Technology Showcase Awards. PentaSafe is a privately held company with corporate headquarters located in Houston, Texas with offices in the UK and Denmark. ots Original Text Service: PentaSafe, Inc. Internet: Contact: Janette Deyhle of PentaSafe, Inc. (USA) 713-523-1992 Web site:

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