International Garden Show 2000 Grape Harvest Festival with the Vienna Boys Choir

Graz (ots) - It's harvest time at the International Garden Show 2000 in Graz. The show's own vine-covered slopes are full of delicious Riesling, Morillon, and Mueller Thurgau grapes, and it will soon be time to bring them in. In honor of the occasion, a large grape harvest festival was held, under the stewardship of the firm, Domaene Mueller. The highlight of this first harvest festival was the appearance of the Vienna Boys Choir, who had a terrace on the Himmelstreppe dedicated to them. The boys, who are famous all over the world, have therefore been named International Garden Show ambassadors.

The Himmelstreppe, with its 17 terraced steps is the centerpiece of the Pheasant Garden, which will be populated by a large number of pheasants during the period from the 13th of April through the 15th of October, 2000. Other highlights of the Garden Show will be a labyrinth, a garden maze, and a lotus pond. Each terrace of the Himmelstrepe is sponsored by a different prominent individual. The first terrace was dedicated in the name of the Austrian soccer champion Sturm in March of 1998. Other terraces have been dedicated in the names of Sir Edmund Hillary, Elton John, Barbara Frischmuth, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Incidentally, grapes are not the only things being cultivated in the Garden Show's plots. There are also pumpkins, rape, hops, tobacco, fields of corn, as well as fruit orchards and a herbal garden. The goal of the Show is to make it clear that agricultural plants can be both useful and beautiful. The International Garden Show 2000's motto: "Garden Magic", therefore, seems to fit this year's event perfectly. (Photos available under Tel.: 03135/51860) For further information please contact: Dr. Robert Kaspar, Marketing, IGS - International Garden Show, Tel.: 03135/51860, Fax: 03135/51860-6, E-Mail:, ***OTS - RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONTENT OF ORIGINAL TEXT IS THE EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SENDER ***

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