Computer Sciences Corporation and CommerceNet Advance Efforts To Establish Business-To-Business E- Commerce Standard/ CSC Committed to XML-Based E-Commerce

Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) has announced support for a new e- commerce framework specification developed by CommerceNet, the world's largest independent consortium of e-commerce users, providers and developers. CSC collaborated with the consortium in the development of the eCo Interoperability Framework Specification, which builds bridges between disparate, proprietary e-commerce solutions and XML formats. CSC will support the eCo Framework ( both internally and through an ongoing client education and awareness program. These efforts are being co-ordinated by CSC's e-business practice which focused upon building excellence in XML technology and establishing best practice information architectures by working with clients and industry organizations. Through its affiliation with CommerceNet, CSC is leveraging the work it has done in this area since founding Ontology.Org in May 1998. Ontology.Org is an independent research organization committed to improving XML practice through the adoption of knowledge engineering techniques and shared ontologies. Ontology.Org and CommerceNet formed a strategic alliance last November in an effort to undertake joint activities to further the technologies and standards required to support large-scale business-to-business e-commerce. "Based on our work at Ontology.Org, CSC has been at the vanguard of the use of XML for interoperable e-commerce," said Kevin Poulter, chief technology officer for e-business for CSC in Europe. "We have been involved in the eCo project since its inception in August 1998, and believe that completion of the first phase of the eCo specifications will help provide the impetus to move to the next generation of interoperable commerce. We're excited at this opportunity to work with clients and partners to establish network-based, eCo-compliant e-services." XML is fast-becoming the technical foundation for business-to- business commerce. Companies use XML formats to structure transactions, capture e-business processes and describe products and services; in this way information can be easily exchanged electronically with business partners. Sound information architecture is a prerequisite for sustainable e-business. A myriad of different XML 'standards' are appearing in the marketplace. "eCo helps to make sense of an increasingly complex XML-world and marks a significant first step in Ontology.Org's vision of interoperable Internet commerce," said Howard Smith, director of e-business strategy for CSC in Europe and director of Ontology.Org. "CSC is committed to developing open, vendor- neutral XML standards for e-commerce to further our clients' aims in deploying scaleable industry wide business-to-business solutions. CSC's clients are either experimenting with or deploying a variety of business-to-business third party vendor solutions. Systems integration, particularly across enterprise boundaries, remains a major issue in e-business." "CSC's participation in the eCo Framework project demonstrates our continued commitment to ensuring that our clients are positioned to take advantage of the latest developments to realize their e-business strategies," said Van B. Honeycutt, CSC's chairman, president and chief executive officer. About eCo Interoperability Framework The eCo Interoperability Framework provides a single common protocol through which eCommerce systems can describe themselves, their services and their interoperability requirements. The eCo Framework Working Group, which developed the specification, includes key industry players such as 3Com, American Express, American Power Conversion, ASC/X12, Berkeley National Lab, Cisco Systems, Commerce One, Compaq, CSC, Ontology.Org, GEIS, Harbinger, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Intuit, ISO, Microsoft, Mondex International, NEC, Netscape, Novell, Royal Bank of Canada, Sun Microsystems and, as well as experts in XML, OBI, OFX, OTP, XML/EDI, RosettaNet, and CBL. More information is available at About Computer Sciences Corporation Computer Sciences Corporation helps clients in industry and government use information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives. With 52,000 employees in more than 700 offices world-wide, the company tailors solutions from a broad suite of integrated service and technology offerings, including e-business strategies and technologies; management and I/T consulting; systems development and integration; application software; and I/T and business process outsourcing. Since its formation in 1959, CSC has been known for its flexibility in its relationships with clients. Through numerous agreements with hardware and software technology firms, the company is able to identify and manage solutions specifically tailored to each client's needs. CSC had revenues of $8 billion for the twelve months ended July 2, 1999. Its headquarters are in El Segundo, California. For more information, visit the company's web site at ots Original Text Service: Computer Sciences Corporation Internet: Contact: Susan Lyddon, Public Relations, Computer Sciences Corporation, European Group, +44-1252-363970,, or Lisa Meyer, Director, Public Relations, Computer Sciences Corporation, Consulting Group, 973-243-7735 (in the USA),; or Sally Khudairi of Zot Group, for CommerceNet, 617-818-0177 (in the USA), Web site: Web site:

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