The Oldest Thing to Come to the Internet ... Opera / Launches the First Opera Portal, Bringing Opera to All today announced the launch of the world's first Internet portal site devoted to opera and classical music. The site,, features seven live streamed channels drawn from over 2,000 pieces of operatic and classical music and thousands of links to some of the world's premier opera music resources available on the Web today. Visitors can easily access's seven channels of streamed opera and classical music by simply visiting the OperadiO Web site and downloading the player -- a proprietary, browser independent, multi-channel sound and video- streaming device built on the Real Networks G2 Surestream technology. "We're very excited to be announcing! It's more than just a music Web site -- it's a gateway for everyone to access and enjoy opera and classical music," said David Craig, CEO of "We created the site as an online channel for all music lovers, a complete resource of opera and classical music for them to use and enjoy. It's a very beginner-friendly portal, which includes tons of information and links to some of the most comprehensive opera and classical sites on the Web." With headquarters in London, its main music server sited at the data centre in Dallas and its web server at Simplenet in California,'s mission is to provide the broadest operatic music and information source available to a truly global audience -- and all with the highest possible standards of audio quality. A major step towards achieving this goal is the OperadiO Classical Site Directory where other music oriented sites can submit their links for inclusion. The listing already carries over 1,600 links. The site provides original editorial content including interviews, music reviews, and guest columns as well as links to the most complete resource tools. The more seasoned opera fan that wishes to communicate with other fans can do so by linking into the various music organizations and societies. Those new to opera wanting to learn the basics of this genre can access links to music festivals, opera houses and commentary by industry experts. Students needing last minute information for a music exam can find composers, opera anthologies and further background information through A final word from David Craig: "You could say that OperadiO has the greatest musical talent of the century working for us -- because content on our music player channels is brought to you by Callas, Caruso, the Three Tenors, Alagna, Gheorghiu, Terfel, Fleming, Schwarzkopf, and all the great soloists and orchestras of the age. People who download our player will have access to the great opera arias and the best classical pieces recorded this century. No matter how sophisticated or adventurous the listener, OperadiO has so much content we promise 'a voyage of discovery' for all." audio channels * The Bel Canto Channel -- Meaning simply 'beautiful singing'. Here listeners will find scenes and arias from 'The Marriage of Figaro,' 'Don Giovanni' and 'Cosi fan tutte' (to name but three) as well as the works of the great Italian composers, Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini. * The Romantic Channel -- is the home of Grand Opera. Listeners will find composers such as Verdi, Puccini, Massenet, Gounod and Wagner. The orchestrations are big and rich and the singers are charged with passion. * The Oratorio Channel -- At the service of religion some of the greatest composers in history have provided some of the most beautiful music ever written. This music is not just relaxing and ethereal, it's charged with drama too. * The Baroque Channel -- Baroque music is incredibly popular and extremely pleasing to listen too. Here listeners will discover the music of such composers at Monteverdi, Corelli, Albinoni, Bach, Handel and the young Mozart. * The Performance Channel -- This is the home of the great artists on the concert and recital platform. * The Archive Channel -- This is where listeners can hear the great singers of the Golden Era. Listen to their art -- one, which many argue, is now dead! * The Orchestral Channel -- While is mostly dedicated to the human voice, there are instrumental sections in all operas -- Intermezzos, Prologues and Overtures, all of which can be heard on OperadiO. ots Original Text Service: Internet: Contact: Paul Roberts of Text 100 Corporation 1-617-723-1044, or, for Web site:

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