Digital Link Introduces Intuitive, Java- based Solution For Frame Relay Network Management

i-Net Management Suite Delivers Unparalleled Intelligence And End-to-End Network Visibility - Anywhere, Anytime Digital Link Corporation (Nasdaq: DLNK), a leading WAN access solutions provider, today introduced a suite of intelligent network management products that will change the way wide-area networks are managed. The company's new i-Net Management Suite is an innovative and comprehensive frame relay management solution that provides an unparalleled level of visibility into both local- and wide-area networks. Its robust feature set gives users the ability to proactively monitor network performance and service level agreement (SLA) data from any networked or Internet-enabled PC. The i-Net Management Suite includes the newly released ChoiceView Network Monitor -- a powerful, Java-based, platform- independent network management tool that lets users view performance statistics in real time on any web browser. Additional components of the i-Net Management Suite include the Solo Select family of intelligent WAN access systems and a significant new release of Digital Link's FRF.13-compliant WANview Network Management System. "The i-Net Management Suite is a ground-breaking concept in network management," said Lana Vaysburd, vice president of engineering and product management at Digital Link. "The majority of management products available today require access to a workstation in a network operations center. ChoiceView, since it's browser-based, allows access to critical network information from anywhere, at anytime." The i-Net Management Suite can be used to gather performance data based on the RMON-1 standard for measuring traffic and congestion, and the RMON-2 standard for identifying the most active network users (up to 256 IP "top talkers") and applications (up to 16 different protocols). An Unrivaled Management Package "What makes the i-Net Management Suite so unique is its ability to monitor the entire protocol stack, from the physical to the application layer," said Vaysburd. "It is the only fully standards-based, web-accessible, location-independent management solution available in the market today. The i-Net platform enables service providers to deploy a new class of managed network services, creating new opportunities for them to increase revenues. In addition, it empowers enterprise network managers to proactively address issues in their networks before they become outages." About the New ChoiceView Network Monitor ChoiceView is an easy-to-use, Java-based network management and troubleshooting tool that lets users view performance statistics in real time using any PC connected to a network, eliminating the need for an expensive, complex workstation. It monitors the network at all levels and drills down to detailed port and PVC statistics. With ChoiceView and a Java-enabled web browser, a user can display standards-based RMON-1 and RMON-2 data gathered by a Solo Select DSU in customer-defined charts and tables. ChoiceView identifies traffic loads and pinpoints primary network users and applications, ultimately reducing operating costs through improved management of network resources. "Because ChoiceView is completely location-independent, a network manager can troubleshoot the network while on the road or from home using a laptop computer," noted Vaysburd. "With either a direct ethernet connection or via dial-up, the user can access this powerful protocol analysis tool to instantaneously view network performance statistics and match the company's bandwidth needs to business requirements." About the WANview Network Management System WANview is a scalable, full-featured, network management software application designed for a variety of configurations, from carrier environments to extensive corporate deployments to smaller enterprise networks. It is a powerful tool for monitoring network activity, provisioning, and troubleshooting congestion points and other network issues. With the newest release of WANview (version 2.3), a user can verify service level agreements, display standards-based performance data and analyze traffic bursts in real time, or by using WANview's built-in SQL database, produce fully customizable trending reports. WANview allows users to configure and manage all Digital Link devices distributed throughout their networks. WANview displays the devices as meaningful icons, which can be placed onto background graphics such as maps or building diagrams, to improve network visualization. About the Solo Select Family of Intelligent Access Systems The Solo Select line -- which includes the Solo Select T1 DSU, Solo Select E1 DSU, and Solo Select 56/64 DSU -- is a global family of intelligent, multi-protocol WAN access systems that function both as high-speed network interfaces and embedded WAN probes. The units collect FRF.13- and RMON-compliant service quality data, which is then displayed or printed graphically or in detailed, customizable reports, using either ChoiceView or WANview. The Solo Select WAN access systems are available as individual, stand-alone units, or for higher-density applications, as compact, shelf-based modules for Digital Link's Ensemble WAN Access System. Product Pricing and Availability ChoiceView, WANview, and the Solo Select T1 DSU are available now. The Solo Select 56/64 and E1 DSUs will be generally available in October 1999. Pricing for the i-Net Management Suite components are as follows: Product List Price Range (US$) -- ChoiceView Version 1.0 $895 -- WANview Version 2.3 $13,450 -- Solo Select DSUs $949 - $3,099 Digital Link Announces Partnership With Anixter International In a related announcement issued today, Digital Link reported that it has joined forces in a strategic partnership with Anixter International. Under terms of the agreement, Anixter will resell Digital Link's WAN access and management solutions to Anixter's European, Middle Eastern and African customer base. The alliance will allow Anixter to offer Digital Link solutions -- like the i-Net Management Suite -- to ISPs and telcos across Europe. About Digital Link Digital Link Corporation is a leading provider of innovative network access and management solutions for both narrowband and broadband applications. The company's intelligent products physically connect LANs to WANs, while providing real-time network performance and management information. Digital Link's solutions enable service providers and carriers to offer new, value-added services to their customers, and they enable enterprises to connect, monitor, and proactively manage their networks. Digital Link is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and offers its products worldwide. Additional information is available at Digital Link's website: This release contains forward-looking statements. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties which may cause actual future events and results to differ materially, including, but not limited to: market acceptance of new and existing products, timely development of new products, operating difficulties and expenditures relating to acquisitions, and the ability to attract and retain skilled personnel. Readers are referred to documents filed by Digital Link with the Securities and Exchange Commission, specifically the most recent reports on forms 10-K and 10-Q which identify these and other important risk factors. ots Original Text Service: Digital Link Corporation Internet: Contact: Judith Allen of Digital Link Corporation, 408-745-4206,; or Liliana Ostoich of Globalpress Connection, 408-371-7407, Web site:

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