Exactis.com Unites With ft.com to Provide 'News by E- Mail' Program / Agreement Highlights Exactis.com's Focus on Large Domestic And International Media Compani

Exactis.com Inc., a leading provider of permission-based e-mail marketing and communications solutions, announced today an agreement to provide its services to ft.com, the global business Web site of the Financial Times. Exactis.com will deliver customized ft.com e-mail newsletters to thousands of subscribers on a daily and weekly basis through ft.com's "News by E-mail" program. "The "News by E-mail" program, which delivers the day's news headlines direct to our users' desktops, underscores ft.com's position as the pre-eminent resource for business people around the world," said Emma Philip, product development manager, ft.com. "Because of Exactis.com's experience and highly flexible e-mail systems, our users can tailor the daily and weekly news they receive to their personal preferences and be assured their news arrives at the start of the business day. Exactis.com provides a professional service that complements our own quality standards." To receive their news by e-mail, users simply log onto ft.com and subscribe to one or more of the 10 targeted newsletters. Topics include banking and finance, energy, Internet and e- commerce, IT industry, media and entertainment, personal finance, telecommunications, and daily and weekly news summary. Users may choose whether to subscribe to the newsletters in text or graphically rich HTML formats. Headquartered in London, ft.com has more than two million registered users in more than 230 countries. It is one of two large international media companies to select Exactis.com this year. The other is The Economist, which selected Exactis.com as its e-mail provider in February. Both companies appreciate Exactis.com's ability to scale to handle e-mail volume growth. "People look to the Internet and e-mail to get their daily news, stock quotes and portfolio updates. ft.com has been quick to recognize that it can add substantial value to its users by bringing the news to them in an easily digestible format that complements their busy lifestyles," said Tom Detmer, president and CEO of Exactis.com. "A targeted e-mail program helps them build powerful, loyal relationships with customers." Exactis.com has already achieved measurable results for ft.com. Within two weeks, more than 36,000 people subscribed to the program as a result of a "News by E-mail" promotional mailing sent by ft.com to the company's subscriber base via Exactis.com. Within the first week that the program went live on the ft.com Web site, more than 75,000 people signed up for the newsletters both through the site and in response to the promotional mailing. Now that the program is live, anyone visiting ft.com can subscribe to "News by E-mail." About ft.com ft.com is the world's leading international business Web site and has over two million registered users and 500,000 unique users each month. It generates the most advertising revenue of any UK site. Its unparalleled news, comment and analysis are combined with unique research and data to create a truly powerful utility for business people. ft.com is free to users and does not require them to register, except for certain high-value services such as the Portfolio share monitoring service and Global Archive, a searchable database of five million articles from 3,000 international publications. About Exactis.com Exactis.com's clients, primarily in the media, financial services and e-commerce industries, use Exactis.com solutions to communicate news and information and deliver event-triggered communications. Clients include Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., Sony Music Entertainment Inc., American Express, MSNBC and Tribune Media Services. Founded as Mercury Mail in 1995 and then known as InfoBeat, Exactis.com has headquarters in Denver. Contact Exactis.com at: 707 17th St., Suite 2850, Denver, CO 80202, USA Internet: http://www.exactis.com Telephone: 303-675-2300 Fax: 303-675-2399 Toll Free: 888-675-2479 Contact ft.com at: One Poultry London EC2R 8FT Internet: http://www.ft.com Telephone: +44 (0) 207 643 2266 ots Original Text Service: Exactis.com Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Tory Pearson of Exactis.com, 303-675-5818 (in the USA), vpearson@exactis.com; or Jennifer Miller of LawsComm, 303-755- 4400 (in the USA), jenm@lawscomm.com, for Exactis.com Web site: http://www.ft.com Web site: http://www.exactis.com

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