8 Big Rx Firms Reveal Outsourcing Strategies for Drug Discovery & Pre-Clinical Development Services at Dec 2-3 Conference in Princeton, NJ

Major pharmaceutical companies and CROs will convene in Princeton on December 2-3 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel to discuss the exploding industry growth in the contracting of key discovery and pre-clinical services to contract research organizations (CROs). Big pharma has recently entered into a major growth phase in this area upon realizing the efficiency and productivity gains to be acheived through the outsourcing/partnering of such functions while the CRO community, until recently focusing on human trials, has quickly responded to industry demands for such collaborations earlier and earlier in the drug discovery and development process by bolstering their service offerings and capabilities. The first meeting on this topic in Philadelphia this past July attracted 150+ pharmaceutical and CRO personnel and 15 exhibiting companies all of which are active in this competitive field. Topics include process and medicinal chemistry, pre-clinical development (drug metabolism, ADME, PK), toxicology, genomics and target validation, high-throughput screening, and CRO selection and new business models/deal structures. Rx speakers include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Laboratories, Schering Plough, Eli Lilly, Hoffmann-La Roche, Amgen, Hoechst Marion Roussel and Glaxo-Wellcome. To receive the complete agenda and/or to inquire about exhibition/sponsorship opportunities, please contact Mark Alexay of Strategic Research Institute at 212-967-0095, x251 or by E- mail at malexay@hotmail.com (include mailing address and fax number). ots Original Text Service: Strategic Research Institute Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Mark Alexay of Strategic Research Institute, 212-967-0095, ext. 251, malexay@hotmail.com Web site: http://www.srinstitute.com

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