IMWA Announces Major Initiative and Realignment of Organization To Drive Middleware Consortium Expands With Emphasis on SIGs and Defines Key Role for Its Techni

International Middleware Association(TM) (IMWA(TM)), in keeping with its charter to enable the rapid adoption of middleware technologies, today announced the formation of an initial four new Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the re-structuring of its Technical Committee. Driving these initiatives are new IMWA board members and chairpersons (listed at the end of this announcement). Under the direction of Colin Osborne IMWA president, the organization now supports the following SIGs: "Business-to- Business," "Internet Application Integration," "Middleware to the Internet," and the "European Special Internet Group (ESIG)." Mr. Osborne made the following statements, "Middleware encompasses a wide range of technologies and applications so we needed to form special interest groups to address them. We're excited to provide new programs for our corporate and end-user members that will facilitate knowledge transfer between them, as well as help manage the growth of new middleware technologies and increasing customer demands for middleware solutions." At the highly successful IMWA Seminar held in conjunction with the GIGA Information Group, Integrating Applications conference in London last week (September 21-24), IMWA formally announced its ESIG. Edoardo Musso, IMWA vice-president, Europe, said, "IMWA's expansion into Europe is very important. With the explosion of the Internet and the global information economy, the use of middleware technologies is booming. IMWA will be addressing the needs and issues of middleware vendors and end- users in this geographical region of the world." IMWA will provide SIGs with subject matter specialists and support mechanisms, and it will play a central role in promoting each SIG. Participants, who will set their agendas and identify hot buttons, will drive the SIGs. Their ultimate goals will be to drive forward the adoption of middleware into brand new usage areas, extend penetration into new user communities, and feed requirements to the Technical Committee to be communicated to standards organizations. The announcement of IMWA's Technical Committee enhancements and newly appointed IMWA Technical Chair, Taf Anthias of IBM, and Vice-Chair, Peter Fischer, Quantum Technologies, position the organization's middleware focus to the heart of business and will provide mechanisms for input to standards organizations and processes, e.g. The Object Management Group, et al. The Chairpersons have defined new objectives for the committee, some of which are: Becoming a focal point for middleware including the initiation and creation of new standards; Identifying new classes of middleware and providing a clearer classification of the various strands of middleware technology; Embarking on partnerships with academic institutions to accelerate the education, training and certification of middleware specialists; and, Forging links with other industry organizations and consortia. Mr. Anthias stated, "In order to drive new technology initiatives within IMWA, we will have a steering committee within the Technical Committee. The steering committee consisting of elite representatives from the end-user community, associated standards organizations, vendors, and academic institutions, will provide the vision to drive the technical committee forward. To help achieve its goals, IMWA's Technical Committee will rely on the continuing support and involvement of IMWA's highly successful Marketing Committee." Through IMWA's new and continuing programs and greater emphasis on the role and focus of its Technical committee, the consortium continues to fulfill its principle objectives: 1) Amplify the growth of new middleware technologies 2) Educate and increase awareness of middleware in the market, and 3) Facilitate knowledge transfer and communications between the end-user and corporate communities. About International Middleware Association (IMWA) IMWA is the industry leading international middleware association. Its charter is to enable the expedient adoption of middleware technologies in the market. It will achieve its goals by educating the IT community and promoting awareness of the considerable technology benefits to the business community. Members of IMWA include the major vendors in the middleware technology industry, corporate users, analysts and other industry leaders. Members often have first and sometimes exclusive access to information concerning new initiatives, directions and opportunities in the marketplace. They also have a forum in which to share common views of business problems that are solvable. by middleware. For move information about IMWA, please call 408-725- 1711, or visit the organization's Web site at . IMWA would like to welcome the following new members: ait research Banco de Credito del Peru Carleton University Cognizant Technology Solutions DePuy Orthopedics Disneyland EDS HIE e-FORCE Fleet Bank Hewlett-Packard Hexware Hitachi Software Solutions Div. Hurwitz Group Information Builders Internet Capital Group Intuit KPMG MetLife Moody's Investors Naval Sea Systems Command Nola Computer Systems Services Nortel Networks Pillsbury Company PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Prudential Sacramento Municipal Utility District SANWA International Standish Group Texas Guaranteed Loan Chase Manhattan Bank United Parcel Service USWest Communications IMWA CONTACTS Chairman: Bob Scher, PeerLogic, Inc. President: Colin Osborne, CommerceQuest Vice-president, Europe: Edoardo Musso, Primeur Ltd. Vice-President: William J. Reedy, IBM Treasurer: Denis O'Neil, TOPCALL Advisor to the Board: Randy Smerik, Ipivot Executive Director: Vivian Beaulieu, IMWA Secretary: Lisa Rough, IMWA Marketing Chair: Liz Fraumann, IBM Technical Chair: Taf Anthias, IBM Technical Vice-Chair: Peter Fischer, Quantum Technologies European SIG: Giovanni Laguzzi, Primeur Ltd. NOTE: International Middleware Association and IMWA are trademarks of the International Middleware Association. Other product/company names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ots Original Text Service: International Middleware Association Internet: Contact: Suzanne Xenakis of IMWA Public Relations, 408-369-9743 (in the USA), or Web site:

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