The M.M. Telcom Corp. Announces the Launching of Weblink Power(TM): The New Seamless Bridge Between the World Wide Web and Common Telephony Services

The M.M. Telcom ( is proud to introduce a new technology that provides real time interaction between web users and the websites they visit. Called Weblink Power(TM), its cutting edge technology was jointly researched and developed by the company's laboratories in Israel and in the U.S. Currently, the common way of interaction between the user and the website is via e-mail, resulting in delays in response that can lead to lost sales. Weblink Power(TM) is unique in that it provides real-time response utilizing telephony service to provide interactive voice communications between the website user and the website owner. As the e-commerce market continues to grow, the lack of personal interaction is a problem that website owners have long sought to overcome. With Weblink Power(TM), a user visiting a website can click on the provided icon and immediately be connected to the website owner via telephone lines (or LP protocol). If a request is made after working business hours, the caller's personal information, including telephone number, will be recorded and forwarded to the website owner. That way, valuable business leads can be followed up on a personal basis. Michael Marom, M.M. Telcom CEO comments, "We are pioneering the protocols for this technology that we believe will become the industry standard." The low costs (15 cents per minute) of the service brings the entire U.S. market much closer to the European market. For that reason, MM Telcom is seeking strategic partners in the U.S. and Europe to introduce and profit from the growth of e-commerce utilizing the Weblink Power(TM) concept and technology. ots Original Text Service: M.M. Telcom Corp. Internet: Contact: Michael Marom of M.M. Telcom Corp., 718-340-7226 Web site:

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