Former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II Named Chairman of Sonic Telecom, Ltd.

Joseph P. Kennedy II, a co-founder of Sonic Telecom Ltd. and former U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts, has been named Chairman of the Board of Sonic Telecom, Ltd., an international digital communications solutions provider. Kennedy has been active in the creation of the new company, which is introducing innovative techniques for bandwidth-on- demand, "by-the-byte" billing and one-stop shopping for global voice-data-video services. "Sonic Telecom is at the cutting edge of global communications," said Kennedy. "The growing integration of world markets demands telecommunications networks that deliver speed, efficiency and economy. And that's what we're doing, offering customers bandwidth on demand for less money," said Kennedy. Todd Ruelle, Sonic Telecom President, welcomed Kennedy's personal involvement in the company's launch activities. "Joe's active participation underscores the importance of global telecommunications in today's international economy," Ruelle said. "His insights and experience are helping Sonic Telecom communicate its unique approach to technology and pricing." Joseph P. Kennedy II served for 12 years in the U.S. Congress, where he played an active role in the House Banking Committee. He was a founder of Citizens Energy Corporation, and sits on the boards of several companies in the energy, telecommunications and health care industries. Privately-held Sonic Telecom provides access, transport and termination for transmission of video, data and voice on a single network at a fraction of the cost -- and with greater flexibility -- than the private lines and frame relay services offered by AT&T, MCI/WorldCom, British Telecom or Sprint. It has points of presence in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, New York, and Paris. The Chantilly, Virginia-based company plans service expansion throughout North America in 4Q'99. Viatel International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VYTL) is an equity holder and strategic partner in the company. For additional information, visit the company web site at . ots Original Text Service: Sonic Telecom, Ltd. Internet: Contact: Santiago Testa of Sonic Telecom, 703-227-5238, or cellular, 703- 608-9268, or fax, 703-818-8683, or Web site:

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