Industry Expert Jack McAfee Joins PentaSafe, Inc.

PentaSafe, Inc., a leading developer of auditing and security software for IBM's AS/400, UNIX, and Compaq's DEC systems, has just announced a key hire to their team. Jack McAfee, formerly of IBM, has recently been named PentaSafe's new Product Line Manager for AS/400 systems. Mr. McAfee's hire is a strategic maneuver for PentaSafe in solidifying their position in the AS/400 auditing and security software industry. In his new role, Mr. McAfee will be responsible for all aspects of PentaSafe's AS/400 product development. Commenting on his recent career move, Mr. McAfee stated, "Security is a fast growing management discipline. Many companies are rapidly moving toward both customer and business-to-business e-commerce. In this environment information becomes a company's key asset and thus it is becoming vitally important to secure that information. I feel very fortunate to be joining PentaSafe, a dynamic company with an established track record founded on successfully anticipating and listening to its customers' security management requirements." Mr. McAfee has worked for IBM for the past eleven years and prior to joining PentaSafe was serving as the Tivoli for AS/400 development manager in Rochester, MN. During his time with IBM, Mr. McAfee's accomplishments also included AS/400 performance analysis and modeling, leading the AS/400 Performance Management and Workflow Technologies development teams, and participating in the AS/400 System Management Partner Group. "Mr. McAfee brings a wealth of AS/400 system knowledge and development experience with him from IBM. Our goal is to continue to evolve our award-winning technology with customer demand- -

- -making e-business, e- commerce, and internet security issues our number one priority. Mr. McAfee's expertise as an AS/400 systems performance modeling expert will help PentaSafe continue to be first to market with leading information protection solutions. He is a perfect addition to our team," stated PentaSafe's CEO Douglas J. Erwin. PentaSafe, Inc. is the leading developer of auditing, security, compliance, and intrusion detection solutions for AS/400, UNIX and DEC systems. PentaSafe's solutions are used worldwide by thousand of auditing and security professional, including 4 of the "Big 5" auditing firms and one-third of the Fortune 100, as a defacto standard in AS/400 security auditing. For more information, go to the PentaSafe Corporate Web Site: ots Original Text Service: PentaSafe, Inc. Internet: Contact: Janette Deyhle of PentaSafe, Inc., 713-523-1992, or email, Web site:

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