RAD Breaks Local Loop Sound Barrier / HDSL Modem Drives Voice and Data up to 4 Mbps / Rolls Out Broadband Multirate DSL Modem Supporting 4-6-10 Mbps

By all predictions, demand for bandwidth will continue to grow in the Local Loop and the corporate campus environment in the years ahead. To meet this challenge, RAD Data Communications is unveiling at Telecom Geneva two new xDSL modems developed to offer extended range and high speed data rates for business applications. The new modems will offer carriers and corporate users the benefits of broadband access over existing copper infrastructure throughout most of the Last Mile coverage area and within enterprise campuses. HDSL Modem Incorporates Ethernet Interface The HCD-4 features data rates of up to 4 Mbps. It is a 4-wire modem based on standard 2B1Q HDSL technology. The HCD-4 has a range of up to 3 kilometers (2 miles) over 24 AWG. It incorporates an Ethernet interface and is SNMP manageable. DSL Technology Provides Selective Data Rates up to 10 Mbps The ASM-60 is a 4-wire DSL modem with selective data rates of 4, 6 and 10 Mbps. Its range is 3 kilometers (2 miles) over 24 AWG. The ASM-60 uses QAM technology and supports various interfaces, including HSSI and Ethernet. "Business applications will, out of necessity, demand symmetrical traffic, extended distance and rate-adaptive technologies," states Yoram Holtz, RAD's Vice President of Marketing. "ADSL technologies don't deliver the data rates nor the coverage while VDSL technology is still in its infancy," Holtz explains. "RAD's new Broadband DSL modems may prove to be the impetus for a new 'copper' revolution in Local Loop services." The HCD-4 and ASM-60 are expected to be available at the end of the first quarter of 2000. RAD Data Communications designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of high quality data communications and telecommunications product solutions for carriers, service providers and corporate networks. RAD is a member of the $320 million RAD Group of companies, a world leader in networking and internetworking product solutions. For further information please contact: Ilan Seidner, Director of Marketing Communications Tel.: +972-3-6458107 ilan@rad.co.il ots Original Text Service: RAD Data Communications Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Ilan Seidner of RAD Data Communications, +972-3-6458107, or ilan@rad.co.il

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