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On September 15, (CCC) will launch a wide range of online recruiting services to help students and companies conduct highly targeted worldwide job and internship searches. was created with input from students, employers, and university career counselors and introduced to the public on March 15, as the last phase of the web site's beta test. The company has established itself as the world's first global e-recruitment campus provider, through its very successful Global Campus Recruitment Network(TM). This global academic association has grown to include over 750 schools, consisting primarily of students, career centers, and campus representatives. The September launch marks the first time that students, faculty and employers will have the opportunity to utilize the web based services from the onset of the academic year, which coincides with the beginning of the campus recruiting season. Lance Richards, Director of International Staffing at Dallas- based GTE International, commented at a recent HR conference that "The Internet will improve the quality of candidates, and the speed and cost-efficiency of recruiting. There is a need to source workers on a global scale...There is a prevalence of Internet use among the younger generation- 83 percent of freshman use the Internet." will fill the existing need among companies by providing employers with a central platform that allows students and to more efficiently conduct worldwide job and internship searches. Within three years the company expects to build a membership of over 1,000,000 candidates, creating the largest database of students in the world. Full use of the web site is provided to students at no charge. Over 350 companies have signed on to use's services including Microsoft, Sony, Schlumberger, Arthur Andersen, Rexam PLC and Oracle.. Matt Casey, President of says "...for students we've created a user-friendly, point and click web site and database system to break down the imposing barriers of space and time that once complicated the global job search. For companies, is a valuable resource for more efficient and cost effective campus recruitment. Our services help companies recruit in one specific geographic area or multiple regions that span several continents, giving employers an edge by connecting them with candidates having the skill-sets and geographic backgrounds that are vital to competing in the New World economy. While traditional campus recruitment visits only last a couple of days, our services give recruiters a ubiquitous, year round on-campus presence." ots Original Text Service: Internet: Contact: Matt Casey of (USA) 617-739-9199 Web site:

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