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CopySystems Solutions / Super-Easy Large Format Copying Solutions Set Precedent In Reprographics World / EasyCopy and SmartCopy HANNOVER, Germany (ots-PRNewswire) - At CeBIT 1999 in Hannover, Germany, VIDAR Systems Corporation, in cooperation with its technology partner SCP Software GmbH, today announced the preview of a revolutionary new concept in large format copying solutions -- a walk-up, turnkey copy machine that anyone can use. With the new TruScan EasyCopy(TM) and SmartCopy(TM) add-ons to their already powerful CopySystems(TM) solutions, VIDAR now offers copying solutions for every organization that needs to reproduce large documents. EasyCopy and SmartCopy will be on display at SCP's CeBIT stand, number B34, in Hall 22. CopySystems solutions, combinations of VIDAR's Titan(TM) or Atlas(TM) large format scanners, with powerful copying software created by SCP for capturing and reproducing color or monochrome images, along with EasyCopy and SmartCopy, can be purchased from VIDAR's extensive distribution channel mid-summer, 1999. "What customers can do with EasyCopy is the same thing they do with standard office copiers -- tap in the number of copies they need, set the brightness, and scaling factors and press the 'Copy' button," noted Trevor Fennell, VIDAR's Engineering Business Line director. "Although EasyCopy is a highly sophisticated touch-panel controller along with a high-powered, built- in computer, it is exceptionally simple to use and has been seamlessly integrated into the design of our scanners. It hooks directly to any large format printer supported by CopySystems, including those from Hewlett Packard, Encad, Epson, Rastergraphics, Selex, Mutoh or Xerox. Users will be able to copy any document, regardless of size and regardless of whether they need perfect color, velvety grayscale or crisp black-and-white," he continued. "Best of all, they'll be able to establish 'pre- sets' -- pre-programmed sets of parameters for the types of documents that they frequently copy, saving them the time otherwise spent in set-up," he concluded. When describing SmartCopy, J.R. Jones, reprographics market manager at VIDAR, stated "SmartCopy, like EasyCopy, is easy to use, but it gives users all the advanced copying capabilities regularly available in VIDAR's complete CopySystems solutions. The difference is that they don't have to integrate a separate PC, monitor and keyboard into their copying configuration. The valuable office space usually taken up by PCs used to control copying systems can be put to better use when you have SmartCopy. The solution includes the same touch-panel and computer that make up EasyCopy, along with a built-in flat-screen, high resolution monitor and an integrated remote keyboard. Reprographics shops need to take advantage of technology that lets them do their job easily, efficiently and with minimal impact on their business practices. They are in business to make profits by running perfect copies quickly. SmartCopy lets them do this." "The most remarkable thing about these new solutions," noted Mr. Fennell, "is that anyone can now have a walk-up, completely turnkey large format copying solution -- including a printer -- for less than $40,000. This price breakthrough and the simplicity of these systems will enable almost everyone who has ever experienced the disappointment of not being able to copy their big documents -- whether for cost or convenience issues -- to have a solution to their copying problems." Customers who currently own a Titan or Atlas scanner already will be able to field-upgrade their CopySystems solutions as well. VIDAR is preparing a retrofit-kit that will be available when EasyCopy and SmartCopy are released this summer. CopySystems, marketed by VIDAR since early 1997, combines the power of VIDAR TruScan Titan(TM) or Atlas scanners with advanced color copying software from SCP for premier digital reproduction. It is used by reprographics organizations to easily reproduce signs, posters, red-lined engineering drawings, and other large format documents onto a wide variety of media. Ideal for all reprographics applications, CopySystems accommodates applications from scan-to-print, to commercial copying, to archiving and plot services. It is the first and only large format color scanning solution that delivers both true color and the highest quality monochrome performance on the market -- using a single scanner. In addition to ensuring high-color, high- quality scanning, CopySystems provides perfect first-time monochrome scanning due to advanced digitizing tools like Advanced Copy Logic (ACL)(TM), Dual Point Thresholding, and VIDAR's proprietary 2-D Edge Sharpening. Fast, closed-loop color calibration between scanner, plotter, and medium ensures color fidelity. ots Original Text Service: VIDAR Systems Corporation Internet: Contact: Claire Fisher Stock of VIDAR Systems Corporation, 703-471-7070, or Web site:

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