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Berlitz International, Inc. (NYSE: BTZ), the premier provider of language services, now has a unique offer for anyone, anywhere in the world, with access to the internet: Visit, take the FREE English Placement Test and receive a personalized report via email. Based on the Berlitz Proficiency Scale, the test: * Covers 8 levels, with the questions varying in difficulty as the

test taker answers correctly/incorrectly * Draws questions randomly from a database, making each test

unique * Provides instructions in 19 languages * Generates a personalized report, that is e-mailed to the user With English becoming the lingua franca of the world, people are seeing the need to improve their facility with English. "English has become the essential tool for life in the global environment of the 21st century," commented Anthony Tedesco, Senior VP for Worldwide Language Instruction. The best way to learn English is the way you learned your first language - through conversation. This is the premise of the world-famous Berlitz Method(R). Starting with the first greeting by the instructor, only the target language is spoken in class. Students learn to think in the new language, not to translate. For over 120 years, Berlitz has come to mean excellence in language services. Berlitz, and its franchisees have more than 400 locations in over 50 countries worldwide offering language instruction, cross-cultural training, document translation, software localization and interpretation services. In addition, Berlitz offers a wide range of publishing products such as dictionaries, phrase books, travel guides and self-study language instruction materials including CD-ROMs and audiocassettes. For more information, please visit the Berlitz Web site at -- and test your EQ while you're there! ots Original Text Service: Berlitz International, Inc. Internet: Contact: Robert Minsky of Berlitz, (USA) 609-514-3008 Web site:

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