PentaSafe Teams With IBM for a Second Year to Provide

PentaSafe, Inc., a leading developer of auditing, security, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection solutions for IBM's AS/400, has been selected again by IBM to provide security management to AS/400 users worldwide with PentaSafe's award-winning products, PSAudit-400, PSSecure-400, and PSDetect-400. This affiliation, through IBM's Systems Management Partner Group (SMPG), is a combined effort of the IBM AS/400 Server Team, IBM Software Vendor Marketing and other systems management vendors, to increase customer awareness of solutions and resources that can help them better manage their AS/400's. This is PentaSafe's second year to be selected as an IBM Systems Management Partner. "Offering our customers timely solutions to manage their AS/400 resources in a rapidly changing business environment is a key focus for IBM. By teaming the AS/400 brand together with key solution developers, we can deliver solutions that will extend the AS/400's systems management functions," said Judy Tenney, Director, AS/400 Systems Software Development, IBM. "We are pleased to add PentaSafe's PSDetect-400 to the program, along with PSAudit and PSSecure. Together, these products will simplify security management and help to protect mission critical corporate data." Through the SMPG initiative, IBM will provide all new V4R4 AS/400 customers with PentaSafe's auditing and security technology. Through SMPG's Software Sampler CD, PentaSafe is supplying customers with two ways to check the security of their systems and try PentaSafe's solutions. Customers may use PentaSafe's 10 Point Security Check-up Tool(TM), a quick security analysis tool that can be both installed and run in minutes. Customers may also request PentaSafe's complete auditing, security, and intrusion detection suite which provides a comprehensive, end-to-end auditing and security solution -- protecting the operating system, remote accesses to the system, the applications, as well as the files and objects on the system. Today, administrators are faced with the challenge of incorporating new technologies, including the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets, which require opening systems and data to more people than ever before. PentaSafe works inside the system, beyond a firewall and the security features within the AS/400, to ensure that systems and data are not open to the wrong people and that the confidential data stays confidential. Effectively managing the gateways into corporate systems and the risks of electronic business, from the inside and out, requires establishing security policies, enforcing those policies, then continually auditing systems to insure compliance of those policies. To automate the management of this complex and critical task, PentaSafe provides a security solution that can be implemented in a few hours and requires no permanent alteration of system configuration. PentaSafe's solutions are used worldwide by thousands of IT professionals, including 4 of the "Big 5" auditing firms and many Fortune 1000 companies, as a defacto standard in AS/400 security auditing. PentaSafe's technology provides a completely scalable security management solution that fits into all types of businesses, from the small AS/400 shops or the largest, distributed organizations with a large number of users, multiple AS/400 systems, or multiple networks. "Today, IT security is a competitive advantage." said Douglas J. Erwin, President and CEO of PentaSafe, Inc. "Simply conducting business electronically or having a website is no longer a differentiation...that is prevalent throughout every industry and in hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. The most successful companies will be those that have a grasp on security and control issues. PentaSafe's technology enables companies to manage the risks of doing business in the twenty-first century and exploit e-business to its fullest." Mr. Erwin continued to say, "We're looking forward to a another year of partnership with the IBM Systems Management Partner Group. We are honored that IBM recognizes the value of PentaSafe's technology and has given us the opportunity to make it available to every new IBM AS/400 customer." PentaSafe's tools provide strong, automated protection for the AS/400 at the operating system level, at the application level and at the file/object level -- reducing the risk of exposure in today's connected world. PentaSafe's goal is to make it easy for security administrators and IT managers to audit, secure and protect their systems and get critical security management information, when they need it, in a format that is simple to understand and use. PentaSafe's award-winning technology covers all aspects of AS/400 security. This includes automated security auditing, file and system access tracking and control, systems management, remote access control (exit programs), security policy compliance, e-commerce database security, automatic log-off, and user profile management, and more. Since last year's CD Sampler was released, PentaSafe has announced a new Java-based central management interface, VigilEnt Enterprise, which gives an administrator the power to audit and secure one to hundreds of AS/400s from a single point of control. VigilEnt Enterprise provides the a consolidated view of security and allows the administrator to not only find problems but also fix them right from the VigilEnt Enterprise interface. Currently, there are no other products on the market that allow consolidation of auditing reports on multiple AS/400s into a single report. Furthermore, because VigilEnt Enterprise is Java-based it will allow PentaSafe to add auditing for other platforms such as Unix and NT more easily. PentaSafe integrates with AXENT's Enterprise Security Manager to provide multi-platform auditing and security from a single interface. PentaSafe has also developed a software application module for JDEdwards' WorldSoftware to provide added security, ease of administration and auditing for JDEdwards files beyond the application's security. PentaSafe prides itself on building the highest quality technology that is driven by user demand. PentaSafe's PSAudit product was recently voted by readers as "The Best AS/400 Auditing Product" in the AS/400 Technology Showcase Magazine Awards. And PentaSafe's PSSecure product was chosen as the Best AS/400 Security Product ("Pick of 1998") by Secure Computing Magazine. In addition to the IBM Systems Management Partner Group, PentaSafe is an IBM Business Partner, a Premier Member of IBM's Partners in Development Program and an IBM Independent Software Vendor. PentaSafe also has alliances with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. These close partnerships help PentaSafe to continually maintain the most current standards in security auditing and management. PentaSafe, Inc. is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas with offices in Oklahoma City, London, and Copenhagen. ots Original Text Service: PentaSafe, Inc.; IBM Internet: Contact: Janette Deyhle, Marketing of PentaSafe, Inc., Tel.: (in the USA) 713-523-1992, or fax, 713- 523-6393, or email, Web site:

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