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Independent Global Solutions Provider for the Mid-Market / Vanenburg Business Systems is the new name of Baan Business Systems AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (ots-PRNewswire) - Today, the former Baan Business Systems announced the company's new market position and its new name: Vanenburg Business Systems. The company will move from being a Baan reseller to being an independent global solutions provider delivering 'All-in-Best-of- Breed' solutions to mid-market-sized companies. These 'All-in-Best-of-Breed' solutions, which provide four core vertical market segments with a perfect fit between depth of functionality and smooth integration of several solutions, are based on proven technology and Vanenburg Business Systems' industry expertise. For the current verticals, Baan software remains the preferred ERP- software platform to which other hardware and software components will be added in order to offer total industry solutions: a suite of different products tailored for implementation in a specific industry. Jip van den Berg, President and General Manager of Vanenburg Business Systems, says: "Since 1996, the former Baan Business Systems has established a strong reputation as a leading international reseller of Baan software for the mid-market. We have become a fast-growing software provider, servicing over 2,000 mid-market companies world-wide. This rapid growth has enabled us to capitalise on market opportunities in order to become an independent global solution provider, and we are more committed to the market than ever before. Commitment to the market means that we will deliver the 'All-in-Best-of-Breed' Solutions per industry in over 17 countries world-wide. This commitment was also the motive for our new name." Next Generation Solutions In Vanenburg Business Systems' experience, as the mid-market matures, it is developing into a 'quickly responding' market. This means that the products which are currently in demand at the top end of the market will, in time, become the 'must haves' of the mid-market. As an example, the current need at the top end of the market for Customer Relations Management solutions and integration of ERP-solutions will not be long in filtering down to the mid- market. To maintain Vanenburg Business Systems' position as market leader within the mid-market, the company must be ready to guide customers through to this next generation of solutions, and to meet the demand for increasing depth in functionality and greater integration between business processes. Vanenburg Business Systems will expand its current Go-to market strategy to fulfil that goal. This will position the company as an Independent Solutions Provider. Industry Solutions Vanenburg Business Systems' new Industry Solutions will incorporate modelling technology across a significantly expanded product suite, integrating business processes from Customer Relations Management through to Product Data Management and Data Warehousing. The primary goal of these product suites is to deliver a Total Solution and fulfil the market trends identified by Vanenburg Business Systems. To this end, the company will combine products from Partners to create an Industry Solution which is based on the concept of one-stop-shopping, and which combines the best of All-in-one and Best-of-breed solutions. 'All-in-Best-of-Breed' Wim Jansen, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing of Vanenburg Business Systems, says: "In the past, companies had to settle for the lack of functionality which came with the smooth integration of an all-in-one solution. Alternatively, they could have the depth of functionality offered by best-of-breed solutions, but with the accompanying problems of integrating the various systems. With All-in-Best-of-Breed, customers get the best of both worlds in a single, optimal solution. It is the perfect marriage of in- depth industry knowledge and technological excellence, allowing for a single dedicated product suite for each Industry vertical which, in turn, incorporates an industry-focused implementation." Vanenburg Business Systems was established in 1996 as Baan Business Systems (BBS), a mid-market-focused company within the Baan web. The start-up of BBS recognised the widely differing needs of the mid-market from the top market with regard to ERP solutions. Its initial growth strategy was primarily acquisitional; as the market strategy rolled out globally, this was supplemented by organic growth. Vanenburg Business Systems In 1998, Vanenburg Business Systems achieved annual revenues of $140+ million, with 1999's figures estimated at $200+ million. VBS is the mid-market's leading player world-wide, with 1200 employees, operations in 17 different countries, and a unique position as a company dedicated to the mid-market on a global scale. The company's current strategy for the next stage of growth has shifted to an emphasis on organic growth from its global network, acquisitions, greater product diversification, and extended Partnerships. Established in 1996, Vanenburg Business Systems (formerly Baan Business Systems) is a leading provider of enterprise-wide industry solutions for medium and small companies which rely on industry experts for rapid and reliable implementation and early return on investments, with highly responsive service and support. This global solutions provider is offering 'All-in-Best- of-Breed' industry solutions which are a perfect fit between depth of functionality and smooth integration based on 'best-in- class'-proven technology and industry expertise. Vanenburg Business Systems is represented by subsidiaries and business partners in more than 17 countries, and services over 2,000 customers world-wide. Vanenburg Business Systems is based in Barneveld, The Netherlands, and is owned by Vanenburg Group. ots Original Text Service: Vanenburg Business Systems Holding B.V. Internet: Contact: Maureen Gorissen of Van Sluis Consultants, 00-31-20-66-40-640, for Vanenburg Business Systems Holding B.V.; or Jolanda Peek, Global Communications Manager of Vanenburg Business Systems Holding B.V., 0031-0-342-428449, or Web site:

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