Ukraine's Gala Radio Survives It All and Receives the

Gala Radio FM100, the top-rated radio station in Ukraine, has been awarded the recognized National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) International Broadcasting Excellence Award. Gala Radio was selected from radio stations from around the world for the Excellence Award. The NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award recognizes international broadcasters who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing the broadcast industry and the services provided to their community/audiences. The Award was presented to Gala at the Annual NAB Conference being attended by 100,000 people in Las Vegas this week. Gala won the Excellence Award based on its community service and its innovative "Team" management approach, while being confronted with difficult market and governmental restraints. Gala's saga has been written about in many international newspapers and publications. With a near 30 point market share, one of the largest market shares of any radio station in any major city in the world, Gala Radio's On-Air Team speak to over 1,000,000 people everyday. The Kiev community turns to Gala to make their life better in a country that has been greatly affected by economic difficulties. In presenting the award, the NAB said, "Gala Radio has been known for "setting the standard" for privately-run commercial radio in Ukraine." Gala Radio has been responsible for many community events, produced songs for charities, and promotes many Ukrainian artists in Ukraine, Russia and abroad. "When we started Gala our goal was to put smiles on peoples' faces and to change their lives for the betterment from Pasha Top 20 to the popular Gala Morning Zoo program." said Tanya Dubina, Gala's director. "The Gala Team never gave up even when faced with very difficult obstacles." Gala is not sitting back. Gala has now launched Gala Productions and GalaONline. Gala Productions has already brought and is planning to bring several more international artists to Ukraine for shows. GalaONline ( is Gala's newest venture which has been very successful on the worldwide web. GalaONline has become one of the top rated commercial websites in Ukraine since its relaunch in February 1999. "We at Gala are moving to being an overall entertainment company with Internet emphasis " says Joseph Lemire, Gala's U.S. investor. "The International Broadcasting Excellence Award is an honor which Gala will always cherish as we move forward." For further information: 380.44.247.7090 or ots Original Text Service: Gala Radio Network Internet: Contact: Joseph Lemire of Gala Radio network, Web site:

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