Smallest Touch Panel based on Windows CE

Nuernberg/Erlangen, Germany (ots) - With the TP 170A Touch Panel, the Siemens Automation and Drives Group (A&D) is introducing the first device based on Windows CE with a touch- sensitive display. The new Touch Panel, which is equipped with all basic functions for operator control and process monitoring, has a 6-inch STN display and is specially tailored to simple applications, for example for less complex series machines. After the MP 270 Multi Panel, which has been available since the beginning of 1999, the new Touch Panel is the second device from Siemens A&D that is based on Windows CE. Already integrated in the TP170A is a Profibus DP/MPI interface with a maximum data signalling rate of 1.5 megabit/s. The device is simply linked to the Simatic S7 programmable controllers via this interface. Like all Simatic panels, the new TP170A is configured with the Simatic ProTool or ProTool/Lite configuring tool. The TP170A is of maintenance-free construction, and is thus a high-availability device. The user will find it extremely easy to create pushbuttons, indicators, status buttons, graphics, and input and output fields, as well as fixed texts and message texts even with Asian characters. The configuring engineer has 30 individually designable screen pages at his disposal. The configuring data can be downloaded over the Profibus-DP/MPI interface or over the RS232 interface also integrated in the TP170A. The TP170A configuring data can also be converted on the more powerful Touch Panels. For more information, visit the Internet at: Abbreviations: MPIMulti Point Interface STNSingle Twisted Nematic One photograph accompanies this press release. You can access the photo on the Internet at: Contact: Siemens Automation and Drives Group (A&D) tel +49 911 895 4513 fax +49 911 895 3009

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