Esker Enables Netscape Browsers to Run ActiveX Controls

Esker today announced that it is making available a free plug-in that it has developed that adds ActiveX control support to WIN32 Netscape Navigator. With this plug-in, users of Netscape browsers can run Web applications containing ActiveX controls that were previously unavailable to them. The plug-in was originally developed for Esker PLUS, a Web-to-host product that delivers browser-based terminal emulation, database access and network services. Because the plug-in has applicability beyond Esker PLUS, Esker is making it available from its Web site to anyone who wants to use it. The Esker PLUS 3.0 plug-in may be distributed and used at no charge to run Esker PLUS Web-to-host ActiveX controls as well as any other ActiveX controls. Esker will provide support for the plug-in only to licensed Esker PLUS 3.0 users. The plug-in, as well as a reference document on installing and using the plug-in, can be downloaded from Esker's Web site: Questions and feedback about the plug-in can be sent to: About Esker Esker develops and delivers software products that integrate existing and emerging technologies, allowing enterprises to create better connections between people and information. The company's connectivity products include: -- Tun PLUS for terminal emulation, database access and networking services for traditional PC-to-host and thin client- to-host environments -- Esker PLUS, a two-tier Web-to-host solution for Intranet environments, and Corridor for Active Server, a three-tier HTML conversion solutionor Internet/extranet environments -- Faxgate and Alcom LanFax for Document Distribution The company was founded in 1985 and is traded on the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marche: 3581). Esker's operations span North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific with 190 employees and an installed base of over half a million licensed users worldwide. U.S. Corporate headquarters are located at 100 E. 7th Ave. Stillwater, OK 74074, Phone: 405.624-8000 - Fax: 405-624-3010 - Internet: Web site: European Headquarters are located at 10 Rue des Emeraudes, 69006 Lyon, France. Phone: +33 4 72 83 46 46 - Fax: +33 4 72 83 46 40/41. All trademarks, service marks, product and company names are the property of their respective owners. ots Original Text Service: Esker Internet: Contact: Jerry Rackley of Esker (USA) 405-624-8000 or email, Web site: Web site:

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