Global travel management: The easy way to consolidate worldwide business travel transactions

New AirPlus solution enables central processing of electronic transaction data from various financial service providers//Simplified processes for multinational companies

AirPlus, a global provider of corporate travel payment and analysis solutions, has expanded its global data consolidation solution and thereby extended its services. OneFile has been designed for multinational customers and enables them to centrally process the electronic transaction data from different financial service providers and credit card providers throughout the world. AirPlus acts as the central point of contact for the customer, irrespective of the number and location of financial service providers. The new solution works with various credit card providers, networks and types of card. The data can be fed from various sources into the “Expense Management Systems” (EMS) or “Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” (ERP) of AirPlus customers via the OneFile interface.

In response to the general trend toward globalization, even medium-sized enterprises now have multinational operations. “More and more often, business trips therefore have to be managed on a global basis. Our aim is to provide the best solutions for the continuously evolving processes involved in travel management,” says AirPlus Chairman and Managing Director Patrick W. Diemer. “Our OneFile solution enables global consolidation of travel expenditure, independently of the financial service provider and location.”

The OneFile data format is fully compatible with the software used by AirPlus customers. This means technical interfaces can be reduced and data flow harmonized, enabling problem-free use. The companies’ financial service providers also benefit from this solution, since OneFile reduces the number of interfaces on their side too. What is more, development costs are cut, as is the time and organizational effort involved, because AirPlus International manages the implementation process and coordination.

About AirPlus International:

AirPlus International is a key provider of savings to over 35,000 customers worldwide through a suite of business travel payment solutions which include central bill accounts, corporate cards and online management tools. AirPlus is travel agency neutral, the leading issuer of UATP worldwide and the preferred partner of various airlines such as Air China, British Airways (NYSE:BAB), Continental Airlines (NYSE:CAL), Luxair, Lufthansa German Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, TAP Portugal and Singapore Airlines. For more information, please visit online at


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