VIAG Interkom chooses Materna WAP Gateway

Munich-based network operator VIAG Interkom has chosen the WAP gateway from software company MATERNA Information & Communications for delivering its WAP services. The network operator's current range of services includes WAP Mail, WAP Search, WAP Go and a host of editorial content produced by Materna's editorial team. VIAG Interkom has been providing its customers with Materna-operated WAP services since 15th December 1999. A particular highlight of the VIAG Interkom WAP offering is the personalization of its WAP portal. VIAG Interkom is the first network operator to offer this service to its customers. Personalization allows the user to customize the portal's offering to meet his own interests and requirements. Personalization can be done easily via the world wide web under Network operator E-Plus has been using the Materna WAP services since last November. Special E- Plus features are the Materna-developed WAP search engine and the WAP catalogue, also created by Materna and listing the most interesting links by subject heading. MATERNA Information & Communications The Materna Group is one of the leading German software vendors in information and communications technology. Materna currently has a staff of over 900 people throughout Europe. As well as its headquarters in Dortmund, the company has branches and subsidiaries throughout Germany as well as France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands. Its offering includes products, solutions and services for E-Solutions (E- Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, System Management), Mobile Solutions and Unified Messaging. For further information, contact: MATERNA Information & Communications Press Office, Christine Siepe Voßkuhle 37, 44141 Dortmund, Germany Phone (+49) 231/55 99-1 68, Fax -1 65 E-Mail:

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