Dade Behring OEM Distributor of Automated, Pre-Analytical System

Dade Behring and Labsystems' Clinical Laboratory Division (CLD) of Finland have today announced that Dade Behring has become OEM distributor of CLD's Pre-Analytical System that automates clinical laboratory sample handling and preparation prior to analysis. Terms were not disclosed. The agreement applies worldwide (except Scandinavia) and is effective immediately. Labsystems' CLD will continue to sell the modular automation products independently. The Pre-Analytical System automates upfront sample entry, centrifugation, tube uncapping, aliquoting, sorting, labeling, recapping, storage and waste disposal prior to automatically loading on a clinical testing system, such as Dade Behring's Dimension(R) RxL high-volume clinical chemistry analyzer. The system's pre-preparation capabilities are modularly built, so laboratories can choose some or all functions to automate their front-end work, thereby providing maximum flexibility. In addition to clinical chemistry, the system can be used to automatically prepare samples for immunology and coagulation analyzers. Dade Behring manufactures and markets state-of-the-art instruments in these disciplines. "While sample processing, analysis and test results dispatch have been automated for years, the last great challenge has been automating the front- end, or sample preparation work," says Robert Brightfelt, President for Global Products, Dade Behring. "In most laboratory disciplines today, sample preparation is still performed manually. That's why I'm very pleased and excited about our new relationship with CLD. It has immense implications to better serve customers across a wide range of our product lines." Brightfelt adds that laboratories worldwide are increasingly seeking ways to become more efficient and cost effective. In most cases, automated solutions have provided the answer. He says automated, pre-analytical sample handling is very important because it helps laboratories reduce total test turn-around time, thereby speeding the flow of diagnostic information back to physicians. "And the modular nature of the CLD system offers scalable configurations according to the needs of every laboratory," Brightfelt says. A unique system feature is its intelligent sample identification that stores data such as test requests, routing, and communications to a laboratory information system (LIS) using a novel tube carrier with a built-in microchip. This chip complements traditional bar coding, allowing the system to operate five times faster than with bar codes alone. Labsystems is a subsidiary of Thermo BioAnalysis. Its Clinical Laboratory Division is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. With 1998 revenues of approximately $1.3 billion, Dade Behring is among the largest clinical diagnostics companies worldwide, making it today's best resource by offering a wide range of products and systems for diagnostics testing. The company is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, and has operations in 39 countries. ots Original Text Service: Dade Behring Internet: Contact: Sarah Smith for Dade Behring (USA) 312-832-9300, ext. 208

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