Colin Montgomerie Continues Callaway Golf's Worldwide

Three weeks ago, Callaway Golf (NYSE: ELY) Staff Professional Colin Montgomerie predicted he would win two of his next three tournaments. Obviously, he knew what he was talking about. Montgomerie shot a final-round 64 and coasted to a commanding five-stroke victory over Mark James at the Volvo PGA Championship at Virginia Water, England, this past weekend. It was his second win in three weeks and the 19th of his PGA European tour career -- and the eighth win in the past six weeks for Callaway Golf Staff Professionals. "This round has to be, right now, the best ball-striking round and the best course-management round I've played," said Montgomerie, who used 11 Callaway golf clubs, including a Great Big Bertha(R) Hawk Eye(R) Titanium Driver, Big Bertha(R) Steelhead(TM) 3-wood, Big Bertha X-12(R) Irons and an Odyssey(R) Dual Force(R) 330 Putter. Montgomerie, 36, again stands atop the Volvo Order of Merit money list, which he has won in each of the last six seasons. Callaway Golf clubs and an Odyssey wedge and putter also were used in a stirring PGA Tour win at the Kemper Open last weekend. Although not obligated by contract to do so, PGA Tour rookie Rich Beem, an Odyssey Golf Staff Professional, chose to use 12 Callaway Golf clubs. In Beem's Odyssey staff bag were a Callaway Golf titanium driver, Big Bertha Steelhead 3-wood and 5-wood and Big Bertha X-12 Irons in his first PGA Tour victory. Beem also used an Odyssey Dual Force Lob Wedge and an Odyssey TriForce(TM) 2 Putter. Callaway Golf also had a strong showing at the LPGA Tour Corning Classic last weekend. All of the top five finishers at the event used Callaway Golf fairway woods. The winner of the event used a Great Big Bertha Hawk Eye Titanium 3-wood and a Big Bertha Steelhead 5-wood. Callaway Golf Staff Professional Rosie Jones finished second while carrying 12 Callaway Golf clubs, including a Callaway Golf titanium driver, Big Bertha Steelhead 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood and 9-wood, and Big Bertha X-12 Irons. Callaway Golf Staff Professional Cindy McCurdy finished tied for third while carrying 12 Callaway Golf clubs in her bag, including a Great Big Bertha Hawk Eye Titanium Driver, 2-wood and 5-wood, Big Bertha Steelhead 7-wood, Big Bertha X-12 Irons and an Odyssey Dual Force 330 Mallet Putter. For more information about Callaway Golf Company, please visit the Company's website at ots Original Text Service: Callaway Golf Company Internet: Contact: Larry Dorman, Mike Galeski or Jamie Taylor of Callaway Golf Company, 760-931-1771 Web site:


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