Launches the Global Trade Internetwork /, (OTC Bulletin Board: PNLK) (PNL), announced today that it successfully launched its new Global Trade Internetwork and Portal on Friday, April 16th. By integrating the Internet's capability with ProNetLink's proprietary design and technology, the new Global Trade Internetwork forms an interactive worldwide business-to-business trading community. As the foundation of Internet technology grows around the world the need for a singular hub of trade information and resources becomes more critical. ProNetLink has designed its new Webtool as an e-commerce portal that brings many global streams of international import/export information and tools together into one location. This allows the trade professional, or even a trade beginner, to compete more efficiently on the global level. Through ProNetLink's Internet portal members can do more than read about opportunities they can access the tools needed to complete a trade transaction. "Importing and Exporting is currently a multi-trillion dollar international industry," said Glenn Zagoren ProNetLink's Chairman. "In order for companies to remain competitive they will have to expand into the global marketplace. ProNetLink has built a business that uses the Internet to provide the tools and information that is needed by these companies in order to effectively buy, sell and market their products on a worldwide basis." The Global Trade Internetwork represents a completely new, state-of-the-art design for ProNetLink. The site is broken down into three functional areas. The first is a customized portal page that gives members important trade information gathered from around the world about any industry. The portal includes trade leads, business news and many other trade related data streams. The second is the trade directory and resource area where members can search the online directory of over 2.75 million companies from over 120 countries, find products or suppliers and then communicate with the companies online. The balance of this area features the tools and resources that are needed to complete trade transactions such as shipping forms, insurance, compliance data, financial information, trade statistics, marketing tools, and e-commerce. The third area is the interactive broadcast facility where members can participate in live cybercasts of key trade events from around the world. One of the major benefits of the new site is that it is a "multi-dimensional portal" rather than an industry specific "vertical portal." ProNetLink allows any type of business, from any country, to get industry specific information. "Our vision of ProNetLink is to bring all businesses together into a global online trading community," said David Walker, ProNetLink COO. "We offer businesses a vertical, as well as a horizontal, portal that has great depth. ProNetLink represents a true online trade community by combining the features of an executive business club, a trade resource center and a broadcast network all in one easy-to-use web site." Registration is free on the ProNetLink site for all businesses. "ProNetLink is the best offer anywhere for a business that is looking to find, buy, sell or market products around the world," continued Mr. Walker. "Our goal is to have ProNetLink become the place where all business, from any part of the world, can meet, talk, trade and make money. With that in mind, I invite all businesses to add their company information to our Global Trade Directory, participate in our on-line community and make use of our advanced Internet trade resources." Companies that take advantage of the free registration on ProNetLink receive a full business listing in the global trade directory, a customized portal, an online product catalog page, free trade leads and full access to the entire site for 60 days. When new members first sign on to ProNetLink, they specify the type of industry information they would like delivered to their Portal Page from a diverse field of choices. Only the information that is important to their business will appear on their portal. This saves the members many hours of important business time that would have been spent by surfing the Internet, or by conventional means, trying to find industry specific trade leads, news stories and other resources. The ProNetLink Portal makes this valuable information just a click away. The portal includes: targeted trade leads, international business news, commodity prices, special events listings, a personal appointment calendar, world weather with satellite photos, 3 world time clocks, world currency exchange rates, stock indexes from 140 markets, discussion rooms and more. All features of the portal can be product and country specific as defined by the member. In fact, members may always opt to see all the information contained in any field -- or change their portal page filters at any time. Once a member finds a company that they would like to do business with or a company responds to a trade lead from the site, all communication between the trading partners and can be produced from within the site. These online communications are private and can be encrypted by using special programs within ProNetLink. In addition, members can communicate in real time by using the "PNL Live!" instant chat system. Online forms which self-populate with the member's information take the hassle out of producing repetitive documents, and members can store their digital paperwork in an online file cabinet for future reference. With ProNetLink, sending out forms such as estimates, pro-forma invoices, shipping requests and many others is as simple as clicking the mouse. And, these forms can be sent by email or Internet fax. Online cybercasts, discussion rooms, instant chat features and bulletin boards support ProNetLink's Global Trade community. Members looking to participate in discussions have a number of pre-defined rooms that they may enter, or they can start a new discussion at any time. ProNetLink will also produce special live cybercasts, discussions and chats that will feature noted guests from the world of global trade. Later this week, ProNetLink will debut its Internet broadcast feature when, on Wednesday, April 21st, a live cybercast of events from the 1999 International Business Expo (IBE) will be presented jointly with World Trade Magazine, the IBE organizer. While the IBE will physically be held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, ProNetLink members worldwide will benefit from the event by just "tuning in" to Members may also send email questions that they would like answered by the guests on the show to ProNetLink continues to build the "Global" portion of the portal with marketing missions around the world. "Currently we have had successful meetings in the Middle East and in Asia which have resulted in the opening of sales and development offices in each of these markets," said Jean Pierre Collardeau, President of ProNetLink. "In May, we will continue developing our business in Europe. We have been working very closely with representatives from the US Department of Commerce to make sure that we maximize the effectiveness of these meetings." The ProNetLink Global Trade Internetwork has been built by Comvision in New York City and Click Online in Tel Aviv. The two companies, working closely with ProNetLink have effectively rebuilt the site from the bottom up. "We have worked with a number of developers on the ProNetLink site and all have been highly respected firms. However, we needed to find a development team that was technologically and creatively advanced but was also willing to work with us 24 hours a day if necessary. Comvision and Click together had the skills, rolled up their sleeves and went beyond the call of duty," said Mr. Walker. Following the launch, ProNetLink will continue its current pace of development with the addition of new elements coming in from Asia, the Middle East and the United States. "We will never really be done building this site," said Mr. Walker, "new material, modules, alliances and ideas are being added as fast as our developers can work." ProNetLink offers a wide range of services, strategic alliances and products online. Some of these include: Aon insurance services; UPS Document Exchange and Internet shipping; Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reports and data services; Dow Jones news data feed; AT&T hosting, SecureBuy e-commerce and business services; Reuters news data feed; Real Networks cybercast software and show hosting; books and related products; Journal of Commerce editorial, news and e-commerce; PIERS statistical resources; Royal Impressions on-line digital printing; World Trade Magazine Cybercast content; Unz & Co. Compliance information and forms; NCBFAA Shipping resources. ProNetLink has built its revenue model based on four primary resources: membership fees, advertising, strategic alliance commissions and Internet broadcasting. After the 60-day trial period, membership in ProNetLink costs less than $1 USD per day. From an online insurance broker to global trade leads, ProNetLink provides businesses that are looking to expand their international marketplace the tools that will make their job easier. For free company registration please go to

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