Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd. Selected as Sole Supplier

Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd. (TSSL) announced today that Worldwide Fiber Inc. (WFI) had selected TSSL as the sole supplier for their transatlantic cable project called "Hibernia." A funded "instruction to proceed" (ITP) has been executed, and a final contract is now being completed. This supply contract will have an initial value of $630 million US dollars. Hibernia intends to have landing points in Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England and the United States. The undersea cable system will be installed by TSSL, and Hibernia will be the first transatlantic subsea ring network structure in service, utilizing 32 wavelengths at 10 Gb/s per fiber pair. Hibernia will have a planned wet plant ready capacity on each segment of 1.28 terabits/sec. Hibernia will be a 12,200 kilometer undersea cable system which will utilize the most advanced Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) fiber optic technology available. Hibernia System is planned for completion in January 2001. As a self- healing SDH ring network, Hibernia will offer initial capacity of 160 Gb/s on each segment, and can be upgraded to a final capacity of 1.28 Tb/s on each segment using DWDM technology on each fiber pair. The undersea plant will utilize a 4-fiber pair, state of the art, repeatered system technology. Worldwide Fiber, Inc. is a facilities based provider of technologically advanced, high-bandwidth fiber optic communications infrastructure in North America. Over the last 12 years WFI has designed, engineered, developed and constructed communication networks first as the Ledcor Industries Ltd. telecommunications division and, since May 1998, as a separate subsidiary. WFI is currently developing an 11,000-mile North American fiber optic communications infrastructure (2,700 miles existing), and expects to complete an additional 4,500 route miles in 1999. The Company and its subsidiaries, including Worldwide Fiber Networks Inc. of Denver, Colorado, are building the Network to meet the facilities requirements of communications carriers, Internet service providers, and corporations with enterprise network needs and to satisfy the increasing demand generated by high-bandwidth data, voice and video communications. Hibernia will now provide to WFI's customer, European connectivity by transoceanic, subsea fiber optic networks. "We are extremely pleased to be selected as WFI's supplier for this transatlantic subsea telecommunication fiber optic network. Worldwide Fiber is a clear example of the next generation of successful businesses with vision and the commitment to provide their customers with true global connectivity" stated Neil Garvey President of TSSL. He continued, "WFI is a dynamic corporate entity with professionals covering the full range of expertise required to develop a successful global network. We truly look forward to working closely with them on Hibernia and in the future." Due to the importance of time to market, WFI concluded the ITP to facilitate the delivery of its transatlantic capability by early 2001. During the next 60 days WFI expects to conclude a Supply Agreement with TSSL. During this period WFI also anticipates concluding; definitive agreements with equity participants in North America and Europe; agreements reference an operating relationship with a backhaul provider in Europe, and initial commitments for project finance for its transatlantic development. Larry Olsen, Vice Chairman and CFO of WFI stated, "This transatlantic project represents an important step for WFI as we continue to develop fiber optic networks and extend the reach and connectivity of these networks for both our customers, our co- development partners, and our own retained capacity." Worldwide Fiber selected TSSL after a comprehensive assessment of suppliers led by the WFI marine division. Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC), is an independent supplier of undersea communications systems and services. TSSL owns and operates a fleet of world class cable ships for the installation and maintenance of undersea communication network systems. Leading edge fiber optic technology is provided by the internationally distinguished TSSL Labs located in Eatontown, New Jersey. The completely integrated manufacturing capabilities of TSSL are highlighted by cable, repeater and transmission equipment manufacturing facilities located in New Hampshire, New Jersey and Virginia. TSSL has combined these capabilities to successfully complete 85 undersea fiber optic networks, in excess of 350,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable connecting over 100 countries. For more information on TSSL or Tyco International please visit the websites listed below: Tyco International Ltd.: http://www.tycoint.com Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd.: http://www.submarinesystems.com ots Original Text Service: Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd. Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Jim Brennan, Global Marketing Managing Director of Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd., jbrennan@submarinesystems.com, or 973-656-8124 Web site: http://www.tycoint.com Web site: http://www.submarinesystems.com


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