Press statement Toyota Financial Services in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE, June 15 (APROTEXT) - The launch of Toyota Financial Services (TFS) in the Czech Republic provides an opportunity for Toyota dealers to offer a wider range of products and services to customers throughout the Czech Republic. As a new financial services company, TFS brings together the financial and organisational strength of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Toyota Motor Czech s.r.o., Toyota- owned distributor in the Czech Republic. Toyota Financial Services will provide the dealers and customers a more flexible, Toyota tailored approach to finance their vehicle purchase.

As a new company in this market, TFS will strongly focus on customer requirements with finance packages designed to meet the customers' specific needs. TFS will have the ability to tap into the vast resources and experience from our global organisation.

TFS will also be able to build on the experience of the former BB-Leasing s.r.o. organisation, which has operated in the Czech market since 1996. BB-Leasing GmbH, Berlin a subsidiary company of Bankgesellschaft Berlin and Toyota Motor Corporation have agreed on a purchase of BB-Leasing s.r.o. by Toyota.

With the establishment of TFS, the Czech Republic, becomes the 18th country world- wide in which there is Toyota Financial Services company.

TFS will become an integral part of the Toyota network in Czech and will endeavor to continue to build an ever-stronger position of market and brand leadership.

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