Jim Henson's Company Joins Forces With Musical Entertainment AG

The Entertainment Market gets moving. Jim Henson's Creature Shop, London, has joined forces with Musical Entertainment AG (MEAG), based in Neu- Isenburg, which means that a new global player has entered the family entertainment market. The scope of this new player ranges from film and television productions to media exploitation and live entertainment. Michael Bolingbroke, Vice President Operations at Jim Henson's Creature Shop: "We're delighted and are convinced that our involvement in MEAG will mean that further innovative and creative projects, particularly in the live entertainment sector, can be realised." Jim Henson's Creature Shop is the leading producer of "Creatures, characters and animal effects" for the entertainment industry. The company's unusual work can be admired in such successful films as "The English Patient", "Dr. Doolittle" and also in the Oscar-winning movie "Babe". With the new computer- aided technique known as "animatronics", Jim Henson's Creature Shop can develop characters which give the entertainment market a new, innovative impetus. MEAG is currently working together with Jim Henson's Creature Shop on their first major international project, "Peter Pan". This is a live entertainment project which will open at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney in April 2000 and will then tour Australia and Asia. A second project for the European market will come to Germany in Autumn 2000. Viewers will see a completely new family entertainment show which has the potential to set new standards in entertainment. Peter Pan is also being developed as an international production for television. A two-part TV film will be produced in Spring 2000 and, at the same time, a 26-part cartoon series is to be created. An extensive range of merchandise will also be available on the market. For the realisation of these and future major projects, up to 1 million MEAG shares will be issued at a price of 19.00 Euros from 1 October 1999. Subscription documentation is available from the Sales Co-ordinator responsible at the Trust Direct Finanzdienstleistungsinstitut GmbH. ots Original Text Service: Musical Entertainment AG Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Klaus Reinhardt of Musical Entertainment AG, +49-61-02- 72-32-49; or Investors - Trust Direct Finanzdienstleistungsinstitut GmbH, +49-40-301-84995, or +49-08- 00-90-60-906

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