First Lady of Poland on 27-28 September 1999 in Warsaw

From the initiative of Jolanta Kwasniewska - First Lady of Poland on 27-28 September 1999 in Warsaw will taking place Presidential Wives Forum and the Conference "Keep Children Smiling in the New Millennium" inspired by the 10th anniversary of the UN General Assembly adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Jolanta Kwasniewska's invitation to take part in the conference has already been accepted by: Her Majesty Sophia - Queen of Spain, Her Majesty Paola - Queen of the Belgians, Her Majesty Rania Al Abdullah - Queen of Jordan and the wives of the presidents of Armenia, Cameroon, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Mali, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine. A large group of representatives of organisations, scientific, creative and journalistic communities also plan to attend together with Polish and foreign media representatives. The meeting will be a forum for sharing opinions on the situation of children world/wide in light of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. At the same time, it will afford a splendid occasion for specialist and international-renowned celebrities involved in children's affairs to gather together. Poland initiated the motion to adopt the Convention and subsequently took part in work on the project and popularised its provisions among world public opinion. Our involvement in work n the Convention stemmed from Poland's painful historical experience as well as from the conviction that only a joint international effort can build a propitious future coming generations. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is the leading organisation supporting the Convention's implementation. It's co- organised and first chairman was a Pole, Ludwik Rajchman. The Warsaw conference will also be attended by representatives of UNICEF's top authorities, Good-Will Ambassadors, representatives of many institutions functioning for the benefit of children, scholars and politicians. Its programme will be devoted to education and its chances for the future as well as threats to children in today's world. The conference will conclude with a joint appeal by the wives of heads of state launching an international lobby in behalf of children. - The photos will be available on our web site: ots Originaltext: Fundation J. Kwasniewska Interne: Contact: Mrs. Malgorzata Panasiuk Tel.: 0048 22 695 13 50

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