Meta4's Success in South America Leads to Operation Expansion in the Region

Meta4 NV, a Web-based provider of people and knowledge management software, has grown its operations in South America by expanding into three new key regional marketplaces -- Sao Paulo, Brazil; Caracas, Venezuela; and Lima, Peru. This expansion adds to Meta4's successful Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile flagship offices. The new operations will support the company's regional presence and meet the increased demand for Meta4's family of products, Meta4Mind Set. Meta4's Sao Paulo and Caracas operations have talks under way with several high profile prospects and Lima already has signed its first client -- Telefonica. "Meta4's success as a leading vendor for human resource systems in Spanish-speaking countries combined with an increase for product demand in South America shaped our strategic decision to continue geographic expansion in this marketplace," stated Joaquin Moya-Angeler, president and COO of Meta4. "We also envision becoming the region's leading provider of people and knowledge technology." Meta4 NV provides Web-based software products for the management of people and the exchange and management of knowledge across corporate Intranets and the Internet. Meta4Mind Set is a new generation of Web and component based products that encompass a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) -- including payroll, benefits and human resource applications -- with the first People and Knowledge Management System (PKMS). Meta4's PKMS integrates functionally advanced strategic human resource capabilities with a people-centered knowledge management system. Founded in 1991, Meta4 NV's principal office is located in Madrid, with regional offices in Atlanta, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Mexico City, Munich, Paris and Santiago de Chile. For more information, visit Meta4's web site at . ots Original Text Service: Meta4 NV Internet: Contact: Jodi Florence of Meta4, 404-760-4320, or , or Bari Love of Fletcher Martin Public Relations, 404-720-8149, or , for Meta4 Web site:

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