Advanced Accessory Systems Opens Facility in Eastern

Europe Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA (PROTEXT)

Advanced Accessory Systems announced Thursday that its SportRack Automotive subsidiary has dedicated its first plant in Eastern Europe with the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Bakov, Czech Republic. The new facility will employ citizens of the Czech Republic and will grow to a planned first year production of some 70,000 roof racks for Skoda/VW for their new Octavia model. "This new facility gives us a solid foothold in Eastern Europe and the ability to meet the ever increasing customer demands for our exterior accessory systems," said Terence C. Seikel, president and CEO of AAS. "We'll be able to build on our global leadership position in the roof rack and towing systems business and bring the latest technology to new vehicle owners in Europe." Seikel underscored the cooperation AAS has received from local and regional governmental officials. "These operations are the state of the art for us and we've enjoyed great support and encouragement from everyone involved in this project and we look forward to a bright future of growth and further development." Seikel said two AAS executives attended the dedication ceremonies held Thursday in Bakov. On hand were Richard Borghi, president and COO of AAS's SportRack Automotive business, and Paul Biegansky, vice president of Business Development, Europe. Formed in l995, AAS has become the world leader in roof racks, towing systems and automotive exteriors systems. Headquartered in Michigan, the company employs nearly 2,200 people in 23 countries and has annual sales of approximately $300 million. NOTE TO EDITORS: Emailed photos of the plant are available by calling contacts. ots Original Text Service: Advanced Accessory Systems Internet: CONTACT: Donna Wollen of AAS Tel.: (in the USA) 810-997-6845, ; or Meggan Babcock of MacDonald Communications Tel.: (in the USA) 248-647-1189, or

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