Telefonica With Telecom Awarded One of the PCS Bands

Licenses at Federal Capital and the Great Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina (ots-PRNewswire) - The Temporary Joint Venture (UTE) comprised of Unifon (belonging to the Grupo Telefonica) and Personal (belonging to Telecom) was awarded the B Band corresponding to the PCS tender for Federal Capital and the Great Buenos Aires (an area called AMBA), for which 350 million dollars shall be paid. (Photo: For assistance: PR Newswire Photo Desk, 888-776-6555 or 201-369- 3467) Luis Malvido and Marcelo De Carli, CEOs of Unifon and Personal, respectively, were the individuals in charge of making the offer. The PCS 40 Mhz two band tender at AMBA took place yesterday at the "Eva Peron" room of the Secretariat of Communications (SECOM) where four bidders out of the seven prequalified Joint Ventures submitted their offers. In several rounds two of them were withdrawn because they did not improve their former offers. Unifon-Personal due to the fact that it made the best offer, was entitled to choose the band. The two 40 Mhz bands in question were "A" and "B" and it chose "B." In addition, in the next days, Miniphone shall have access to PCS 20 Mhz at AMBA, for which it shall pay 50% of the average price obtained at the 40 Mhz license auction, amounting to 162.75 million dollars, during a term of 3 years. Next Tuesday June 22, the tender of "A" and "B" bands (also 40 Mhz each) for the Areas I and III of the country shall take place. In this tender, Telefonica shall appear again for a license of 40 Mhz at Area 1 (Northern one). As it is at present the licensee of the cellular service, it shall be able to exercise its right to purchase on a direct basis a 20 Mhz band, but without participating in the tender. Telefonica Comunicaciones Personales - TCP TCP is the operator of Grupo Telefonica de Argentina providing cellular phone services in ten provinces of the southern area of the country, by using its trademark Unifon. From its beginning, in March 1996, it invested more than 400 million dollars, having at present 290,000 customers and a service penetration of 4 cellular phones per 100 inhabitants. ots Original Text Service: Telefonica Communicaciones Personales Internet: Contact: Norma Barbieri or Maximiliano Zorzi, both of Comunicaciones Corporativas of Grupo Telefonica +54-11-4-819-4376, +54-11-4-819-4377, or +54-11-4- 819-4378, fax, +54-11-4-819-4393, or Photo: For assistance: PR Newswire Photo Desk, (USA) 888-776-6555 or 201- 369-3467 Web site:

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