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The Vaud association of private schools (AVDEP) is celebrating its 60th anniversary: As part of a wide range of activities and initiatives (48 SCHOOLS CELEBRATE - KNIE CIRCUS EVENING - CHF 20,000 DONATION TO THE THEODORA FOUNDATION - PANEL DISCUSSION ON "TOMORROW'S SCHOOLS...FUTURE JOB OPPORTUNITIES"), this occasion provides the opportunity for over 40 private schools in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland) to offer a collective bourse totalling: CHF 1,000,000 (1 MILLION) OF EDUCATION GRANTS FOR THE 2001-2002 SCHOOL YEAR These grants, which vary according to the individual school, are targeted at "deserving" pupils and students in accordance with a joint AVDEP charter. Applications should be sent directly to individual AVDEP schools as published in the media; a complete list may be obtained from our coordinating office. Significantly, according to a recent study carried out by Lausanne University (HEC), the Vaud association of private schools can point to an annual turnover of over CHF 250,000,000 in the canton of Vaud. This initiative is intended to put the Vaud association of private schools "within the reach of everyone's pocket" and follows on from a policy of openness, flexibility and inclusion. In this sense, it also forms part of a policy to establish links between public and private-sector education. It marks the first stage in establishing the education voucher system which emphasises the free choice of schooling, a goal long pursued by the taxpayer yet equally frowned upon by politicians!!! ots Origial Text Service: Association vaudoise des Ecoles privées (AVDEP) ops Original Picture Service: Internet: Contact: Secrétariat Général de l'AVDEP, tel. +41 21 617 72 55, e-mail: Alternatively, readers may contact the AVDEP chairman directly: Alain Boss, mobile +41 79 511 41 60.

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