EMD to Operate in Future Without Asda

PFÄFFIKON (Switzerland) January 3rd (PROTEXT/PRNewswire)

EMD and Asda terminate their collaboration by amicable and mutual agreement.

Asda Stores Ltd. left the EMD alliance by the end of the year 2017.

Since Asda, one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom joined EMD at the beginning of 2016, it has made significant changes to its buying model. As a result, Asda is prioritising direct relationships with its suppliers and has strengthened IPL, its international sourcing arm and its leverage through parent company, Walmart.

Andrew Moore, Asda's Chief Merchandising Officer, said: "EMD was the right partner for us at the time and they helped us strengthen our own buying capabilities. Our approach has evolved over the last few years but we regard EMD as a great organisation and leave having enjoyed a positive relationship with them".

EMD respects this decision and wishes the Asda team all the best for the future.

About EMD

EMD cooperates in buying private label products all over the world and negotiates agreements with producers of branded products at transnational level. Just a few weeks ago, EMD has welcomed as a new member Lenta, one of Russia's leading trading company.

The following member companies of European Marketing Distribution highlight in the best possible way the benefits of a European collaboration for commercial customers in 21 countries:

Netherlands: SuperunieSweden: Axfood
Germany: MARKANT AGDenmark: Dagrofa
France: Groupe CasinoCzech Republic: MARKANT
Switzerland: MARKANT SyntradeSlovakia: MARKANT
Spain: Euromadi IbericaPoland: Kaufland
Portugal: EuromadiPortCroatia: Kaufland
Austria: MARKANT ÖsterreichRomania: Kaufland
Italy: ESD ItaliaBulgaria: Kaufland
Norway: Unil/Norges GruppenRussia: Lenta
Australia: Woolworths Ltd.New Zealand: Woolworths Ltd.
Finland: Tuko Logistics

For further information, please contact:

Rosmanith & Rosmanith

The Art of Communication

Uwe Rosmanith

Tel.: +49-611/716-547 920


Source: EMD - European Marketing Distribution

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