Andrew R. Heller, Chairman & CEO of Heller Associates,

VidiMedix Corporation, a leading provider of advanced telemedicine / health information technology solutions and services, announced today that Andrew R. Heller has joined its Board of Directors and has been engaged as an advisor to the Board and to Management. Heller's experience as an extremely successful entrepreneur, investor, venture capitalist, executive, advisor and developer complements and strengthens VidiMedix' Board as the Company begins to commercialize its new Internet Enabled Series 2000 Product System(A). "We are very excited to have Andrew Heller join with us in our effort to enable the delivery of a large percentage of physician / patient encounters over computer networks which will include the Internet. Heller's understanding of the forces at play in today's rapidly evolving computing and networking environment coupled with his company building and financing experience makes for a very powerful addition to an already strong Board," said Phil Faris, VidiMedix president and chief executive officer. Andrew Heller commented that, "Telemedicine has been viewed as a technology waiting to happen. Unfortunately, up until recently the necessary technology to deliver telemedicine was expensive and limited in availability. Now, all of the enabling technological building blocks that have been needed to make telemedicine viable as an economic tool for delivery of day-to- day specialty and remote medical services are coming into place. For the first time in the long history of telemedicine experiments and attempts, VidiMedix, with its new family of products using the Internet and other generally available broad band services has brought telemedicine within the reach of main line medical practice, not just as a battlefield and EMS anomaly. I am excited about the prospects of the Company, the products and the team. The use of the Internet should allow these new products to enter the market quickly and become another tool to help control the costs of delivery of medical services." Heller has had a distinguished career in the computing industry spanning over 30 years. In his 23 years at IBM, he was honored by being the youngest person ever appointed to the prestigious post of IBM Fellow, along with numerous other technical and business honors. While at IBM, Heller served in many technical and management capacities including Corporate Director Advanced Technology Systems directing a wide range of R&D activities with IBM, was a member of the Executive Committee On Technology (ECOT), was a member of the executive Technical Review Board (TRB) overseeing long term technology commitments for the Company, and was General Manager of the Independent Business Unit responsible for UNIX and workstation activities within IBM. After IBM, Heller joined Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers, a very well known Silicon Valley venture capital pioneer, as a consulting partner where he worked with numerous start up companies helping them to formulate and define business plans, and in the early stage execution of those plans. Heller is currently involved in working with early stage and startup companies and serves on numerous Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards of high technology, software, networking, data mining, and other related technology companies. He continues to operate his privately held consulting firm, Heller Associates, Inc., based in Austin, Texas. VidiMedix Corporation is a privately held company that designs telemedicine systems using state-of-the-art technology. VidiMedix systems assist physicians in the delivery of quality medical care and patient education by overcoming the barriers of time and distance. The Company is co-located in two of the country's high tech centers, Austin, Texas and San Diego, California. Additional information about VidiMedix can be found on the World Wide Web at VidiMedix and the Cone Logo are trademarks of VidiMedix Corporation. (A) U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending. ots Original Text Service: VidiMedix Corporation Internet: Contact: Linda Makinson, Director, Marketing and Sales Support of VidiMedix Corporation, (USA) 619-450-8020 or email, Web site:

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