M-Files in the Association for Chemical and Metallurgical Production (SPOLCHEMIE)

Prague April 21st 2020 (PROTEXT)

Digital Resources has released a new case study on the deployment of the DMS / ECM system M-Files in the Association for Chemical and Metallurgical Production, a key player in the world chemical industry.

SPOLCHEMIE resolved to install a system that would manage all its production documentation, e.g. construction, machinery, electrical and other types of documentation. The Finnish system M-Files met all the requirements of the solution, with Digital Resources, currently the most successful Premier Partner of M-Files in Central and Eastern Europe, becoming the implementation partner.

The entire case study can be downloaded for free HERE: https://smixly.com/bGAaVS.

About M-Files

Document Management System M-Files is a modern platform for information and document management in the company. The solution is based on metadata, so there is no need to know the physical location of the content. Users can simply search the information based on “what it is”, e.g. title, part of the text, type of document, associated organization, etc. M-Files offers a user-friendly interface that can be easily integrated into the corporate infrastructure and interconnected with many other systems. Users can access documents and information, depending on their access rights, from virtually any (even mobile) device (Android, iOS, Windows).

M-Files are named Visionary by Gartner and Leader by Forrester and Nucleus. M-Files are currently used by hundreds of thousands of users in more than 100 countries.

30-day trial version of M-Files can be downloaded for free here www.e-dms.cz.

M-Files system is also available in the cloud solution. More information at www.dms-in.cloud.

About Digital Resources

Digital Resources is a prestigious digital technology company providing professional services in the field of Enterprise Information systems, IT support and complex IT services. Digital Resources is currently the most successful Premier Partner of M-Files in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, operating in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. Digital Resources invented the Intuo - Company Intelligence system, which can be easily integrated with M-Files and offers the possibility to efficiently manage and evaluate key processes in companies, achieve better results and customer care.

Digital Resources customers include American Chamber of Commerce, Bayer, British Chamber of Commerce, Deloitte Central Europe Limited, PKS Stavby, Glatzová & Co., KKCG, Wood & Company, OBO, Compas Automatizace, Medicton Group, Medesa, PRK Partners, Řanda Havel Legal, and others. More detailed information about Digital Resources at www.digres.cz.

About the Association for chemical and metallurgical production

SPOLCHEMIE - Association for Chemical and Metallurgical Production (joint-stock company) is an innovative company based in Ústí nad Labem. It has been active in the chemical industry world market for over 160 years. The company's production is internally fully vertically integrated using its own proprietary technology, and great emphasis is placed on environmental protection. As the first and only company in the world, it received an internationally recognized EPD environmental certificate for epoxy resin produced from a renewable source. The association has more than 800 employees and over 80% of its production is exported to 70 countries. The product portfolio includes epoxy resins, special epoxy resins and systems, alkyd esins, chlorine derivatives and sodium and potassium hydroxide.

More about SPOLCHEMIE at https://spolchemie.cz.

Abbreviations used:

BPM - Business Process Management

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

DMS - Document Management System

ECM - Enterprise Content Management


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