New ClinicAll Communicator app supports care staff vs corona

New York 14th April 2020 (PROTEXT/ots)

Decisive action is now needed to fight the coronavirus successfully. Most importantly, nursing staff needs protection and support. Everything that makes their work easier improves patient care, relieves pressure on hospitals and, in the end, helps saving lives.

That is why ClinicAll developed the new ClinicAll Communicator app. It connects patients and staff in the simplest way – digital, contactless, supporting and protecting.

ClinicAll Communicator is a lean app for iOS and Android. This app enables patients to send their requests to the nursing staff from their own mobile devices. The nurses and staff members on the quarantine stations receive the patient requests as push messages. In addition, they can check the status of all patients on a clear status display to conform and answer the requests.

ClinicAll supports nursing staff all over the world as fast and simple as possible in their fight against the coronavirus. As an emergency aid, the Communicator App will be offered for the quarantine stations of all hospitals free of charge over a two-month period.

The key features at a glance:

  • digital communication between staff and patients in quarantine
  • noticeable relieve for the nursing staff
  • immediatly useable for every hospital, no on-site installations necessary
  • contactless communication reduces the risk of infection
  • free of charge over a two-month period for the quarantine stations of every hospital
  • available for iOS and Android

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