Flow East a.s. Apologises to Ballymore Properties B.V.

Prague, November 27th 2018 (PROTEXT/PRNewswire)

The company Flow East a. s. apologises to the company Ballymore Properties B.V. for the infringement of the good morals of competition by having had repeatedly given out to third persons and publicized information on Ballymore Properties B.V. concerning the following matters:

- that the employee of Ballymore Properties B.V. attempted to undermine the funding plan of Flow East,

- that the company Ballymore Properties B.V. did not conduct the tender process diligently and correctly and that this tender had been less than fair,

- that as a consequence of the steps of Ballymore Properties B.V. the company Flow East suffered considerable damage,

- that the company Ballymore Properties B.V. conducted the tender in such a way that the property would get into the hands of one of the bidders or that it had been the aim of the said company to prevent Flow East from participating in the tender,

- that the result of the tender for the sale of the Savarin Palace is extraordinarily unfair,

- that the company Ballymore Properties B.V. had left the Savarin Palace to deteriorate,

- that the company Ballymore Properties B.V. had not abided by the negotiated terms,

- that there had been a strange and obscure agreement between Ballymore Properties B.V. and other entities,

- that Flow East had been unfairly or for no apparent reasons excluded from the tender for the sale of the Savarin Palace,

- that Ballymore Properties B.V. had sold the Savarin Palace to its friends,

- thus having had seriously infringed the legal rights of Ballymore Properties B.V.

Source: Flow East a.s.

Tereza Regnerová, tereza.regnerova@floweast.com, +420-296-518-111



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