The anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereign

Warsaw November 11th 2018 (PROTEXT)

This Sunday, November 11, marks National Independence Day, a time to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic in 1918. Following the partitions in the late 18th century, Poland ceased to exist for 123 years until the end of World War I. The date corresponds to the date of other countries 'Remembrance Day'.

How does the context of a City Brwinów deepen our understanding of it?

The Grand Opening of the ancient obelisk of Brwinów will unveil the renovation of historic landmarks commemorating perhaps its greatest hero in Poland's XIX history. A listed monument is one that has been placed on the statutory list maintained by National Historic Poland. The most famous Brwinów landmarks like the Nowosielskis family obelisk 1813/1820 and the central public park it's a former family residence built between 1760-1765 a ten miles south-west from Warsaw. Brwinow Park it's also country Manor situated in the centre at 1st Court street it was built in 1760. Sometime during the 1770s the owners, a noble Nowosielski family founded a factories and brickyards to the east of the ponds, on the plain to the north of the original manor.

In 2014 a mayor-council form of government Mr Arkadiusz Kosiński's ( Sławomir Rakowiecki Chairman of the City Council) were decided to create the public festivities of celebration 150 a special day that marks the anniversary of the death of duke Feliks Nowosielski ( Nov. 20,1800 Brwinów - Apr. 22,1864 London). Each year on 11th of November we celebrate National Independence Day, duke Feliks Nowosielski is the official patron of Brwinow's surrounding historic region since 2014 in the years for 96 to 99 of Jubilees.

The assault on Warsaw on Sep. 6,1831 became one of the Icons of Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian culture, described by fiction romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz. In practice in the last moments of its defense, the unfinished structure of redoubt was blown up by young Captain Feliks Nowosielski. It was a costly victory and above all, ambush.

At the beginning of the day was the destroyed fort strewn with their dead and dying Russians. This Moment was immortalized in the fiction poem of Adam Mickiewicz ''Ordon's Redoubt''. Today, National Poem refers to the decisive Poles victory in 1831 during the single Polish-Rusian battle.

For many years, the Nowosielski Memorial in Brwinów has come to symbolize Poland's long commitment to peace in the Europe, as well as its stand against aggression, and for liberty and the rule of international law. These are crucial values fought over for decades by duke Feliks.

In a continuous historic sequence from the 19th century to our time, not only relatives remind about what happened at that time.

Therefore, the remembrance, 153 years later, of the cooperation between Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski and Adam Karol Czartoryski is an opportunity for a deepened understanding that his new foundation '' Le Jour Viendra'' in Lichtenstein was established at the date Nov. 20,2017.

Shortly after Philip de Sapieha' Szymczak-Nowosielski’s was born, in order to clarify.

Immediately after his meeting ( at the ministry headquarter on Nov. 26,2015 at Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17 Street) with Mr. Maciej Świrski a former public political promoter of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Mr P. Glinski.

Vice-Prime Minister started a petition for landmark status. The entry ( exclusively linked to immovable property so-called ''Ordon's Redoubt'' and the plots of lands , interpellation nr 12731) in the registers of monuments of the Poland, dated Dec. 1,2016.

Currently, the best form of family commemoration of Feliks Nowosielski is to look to the Presidential future not only this country, with own financial support said Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski.


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