Invitation to a conference There are other ways, Prague

Prague October 10th 2018 (PROTEXT)

EFDD members and several other politicians are going to discuss an ‘alternative to the European Union’ at a conference: “There are other ways”.

The conference will take place on 19th October 2018, at 11:00 am, in Kaiserstejnsky palace, Malostranske namesti 23/37 in Prague.

Speakers will explain why so many citizens do not like the way the EU currently functions - and how they as politicians can address this situation.

The conference will feature international guests, Members of the European Parliament and other politicians. Our common goal is to launch a serious pan-European discussion on the issues of alternatives to the European Union and the shape of future European cooperation.

The conference will be followed the next day, 20th October, by a public event: “The New Velvet Revolution” to launch an open debate about the process of change. We plan for people to be able to sign publicly to show their support.

“The European Union does not work. We need to re-think fundamentally how Europe works together. We are developing a plan of how to do this. We see this as a second ‘Velvet Revolution’: we want to address the EU’s democratic deficit and, like the Czechs and Slovaks, to find new peaceful ways to extend freedom and choice - whilst also keeping the positive aspects of the current approach,” says Dr Jiri Payne, EFDD Member of the European Parliament.

Everyone - citizens, politicians, academics from any country - can support this idea by signing the “Velvet declaration”, which can be found at

Further details can be found at

You are invited to the event by the EFDD Group in the European Parliament.

To understand our plans better, you can watch the EFDD Czech MEP Dr Payne be interviewed by his Group UK MEP colleague, Bill Etheridge at:

For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact:

Katerina Goroskov / e-mail: / phone: +420 731 613 603



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